'Friends' & 'Seinfeld' Fans Are Predicting Which Characters Would've Voted For Trump

While some fans may have been only expecting a simple dose of nostalgia from the Roseanne reboot, many watching received a little more than what they bargained for. America's working-class family kicked off their premiere with a great deal of political talk — with Roseanne and Dan Conner taking a serious Trump supporter stance — inspiring fans of other cult-classics to debate whether or not their favorite characters voted for Trump as well.

For Roseanne, the reboot serves as a bit of an imitation of life for the show's creator, star and writer, Roseanne Barr. The entertainer is known for being a vocal supporter of Trump's throughout his campaign, and when it came to giving an honest portrayal of today's working-class family on television, Barr wanted to be sure to represent everyone across the political spectrum — yes, even the Trump supporters who have, otherwise, had their pop cultural mentions revoked. For Barr, writing her character as a Trumpster, and incorporating her family member's opposing viewpoints was always the intent, and she explained why to The Hollywood Reporter, saying:

"I wanted to do it this way. It's the conversation everybody is having. Families are not speaking to each other. People are still shocked and upset about it. It's the state of our country."

Whether you agree with Barr's approach or not, you must admit, the conversations surrounding the tie between the current political climate and family strife and division are definitely interesting. Fans of both Friends and Seinfeld are also inspired by the reboot's political thread, and so they took to Twitter to debate which standout character from those series would have very much so voted for President Trump in the 2016 election. And it all started with this tweet:

As one would guess there were quite a bit of opposing views floating around, but with that, there was also a lot of the reasoning behind the predictions made aligned pretty well with the character's background. Hold onto your seats, especially if your political interests fall somewhere on the left. Because some of your faves may have been showing signs of being Trump supporters this whole time, and you didn't even realize it.

Joey: The Uninformed Voter

For quite a few fans of Friends, the beloved Queen's native is a definite supporter of President Trump. According to Twitter, Joey's juvenile demeanor, and lack of formal education helps him to fit the description of the "low information voter."

Rachel: The Contrarian

Also while browsing the thread, you'll see that many fans think Rachel, the more privileged of the roommates — not to mention, with her wealthy upbringing in tow — totally fits the demographic of the white, female populous that helped Trump take the cake in 2016, too.

Ross: The Secret Trump Supporter

And as for Ross, his know-it-all attitude totally makes him a shoo-in to be a Trump supporter, who's social awareness keeps him from being open and honest about his voting decisions.

The Entire Seinfeld Cast: A Mixed Bag Of Motivations

Oh, and when it comes to the entire Seinfled cast, yeah, fans are pretty much convinced that character on the hit sitcom lent their support to President Trump — all for a slew of different reasons, of course.

When all of it's said and done, however, there were still quite a few Seinfeld and Friends enthusiasts who wanted to play the fence — refusing to believe that any of the beloved characters were in support of the controversial president, or even voted at all, for that matter.

Roseanne is definitely shaking the entertainment mold.