The Greggs Festive Menu Includes Extra AF Gold-Coloured Shortbread Bites

by Aoife Hanna

In terms of glow ups, Greggs has had an off-the-chart year. I mean don't even get me going on their vegan sausage rolls. And what's the best way to celebrate an incredible year? Why, with an incredible Christmas menu, of course. And you guys, Greggs' 2019 Christmas offerings are a real insight into celebrating greatness in style.

Screw holly, this year I'm decking the halls with cheese and onion slices. And I'd much rather a snog with a Belgian bun than some damp-mouthed letch under the mistletoe.

Greggs has joined legions of culinary establishments in creating their very own Christmas-themed menu. Let's be real, I feel like you could legitimately hit up a different restaurant, chain, cafe, or sarnie shop in the UK for each day of December and still not run out of options.

Good old Greggs has come through with myriad delicious offerings from savoury to sweet to hot drinks. However, I will say in advance, for a company whose vegan dish was potentially one of the most discussed vegan food goods of 2019, there's nothing vegan available. And their savoury specials all contain meat, so veggies may feel slightly left out too. But luckily Greggs have been hinting at a load of new items to rival their regular meat and dairy laden products, so maybe 2020 will be where it's at.

Festive Bake

A pastry parcel filled with chicken breast, sage and onion stuffing, and sweetcure bacon in a creamy sage and cranberry sauce.


Christmas Lunch Sandwich

Not just any old sarnie, this one is made up of sliced turkey breast with pork, sage and onion stuffing, sweetcure bacon, and fresh salad leaves, topped off with a cranberry and port sauce and mayonnaise.


Pigs Under Blanket Baguette

Guys, we have a hybrid. This one is a play on the old Christmas table favourite, pigs in blankets. It's a baguette filled with succulent pork sausages, sweetcure bacon, pork, and sage and onion stuffing, with a cranberry and port sauce.


Christmas Lunch Soup

A hearty soup made with smoked bacon, chicken, turkey, sage and onion stuffing, pork sausage, vegetables, herbs, and spices.


Pigs In Blankets

Meat snack anyone? These are little succulent pork sausages wrapped in smoked streaky bacon.


Christmas Novelty Biscuit

Although this looks like it deserves to be on top of a tree, this belongs in your belly. A star-shaped caramel biscuit, coated in smooth Belgian milk chocolate, and topped with yummy sprinkles.


Penguin Biscuit

Ideal for dunking in hot drinks, this is a penguin-shaped caramel biscuit covered in deliciously smooth Belgian milk chocolate.


Christmas Tree Biscuit

What's more Christmassy than a ginger biscuit? I would say one that was covered in Belgian Milk chocolate and decorated with sugar ball sprinkles and a sugar paste star.


Christmas Shortbread Bites

Deliciously mini shortbreads topped with caramel sauce, Belgian Milk Chocolate, and finished with a gold coloured decoration. Because it's Christmas and you deserve a little sparkle.


Sweet Mince Pies

The Christmas classic. Very much does exactly what is says on the tin.


Mint Hot Chocolate

A deliciously minty hot chocolate made with milk and mint flavoured syrup. All topped with cream and sugar sprinkles.


Mint Mocha

Fresh ground fair trade coffee and hot chocolate flavoured drink, with mint flavoured syrup. All topped with lashings of cream and sugar sprinkles.


Salted Caramel Latte

Fresh ground fair trade coffee made with milk and a salted caramel flavour syrup. Finished with cream and a yummy shortbread crumb.


All of the above are available now so get down to your nearest Greggs and go wild this Christmas.