Gummy Pickles Are A Thing You Can Buy, And They Actually Taste Like Pickles

Vat 19

Remember the cartoon Rugrats? The Nickelodeon show that ran for over a decade followed the adventures of a pack of babies and toddlers as they navigated life from a little one's perspective? Well, as it turns out, Tommy and Dil Pickles have a long lost brother: Gummy.

Okay, maybe not. But gummy pickles do exist, and they are exactly as strange and wonderful as you would imagine.

The mad scientists at Vat19 have created a lifelike pickle made of gummy candy, a creation they have named the "good-sized gherkin made of gummy." For just under six bucks you can feast on a snack that combines the chewy goodness of gummies with the crisp tartness of pickles. It is a beautiful, yet enigmatic work of culinary art.

According to its description on the Vat19 website, the confection is "a sweet gummy treat that's styled and flavored like a pickle," that "...looks and tastes exactly like a pickle (with a flat edge)." It is approximately four inches in length and weighs four and a half ounces (that is more than a quarter of a pound!). While the gummy pickle is hardly the only unconventional candy the website offers, the gherkin is in a league of its own. Per Vat19, the good-sized gherkin made of gummy "...manages to stand out as unique. While most of our gummy is deliciously fruity, the Gummy Pickle is deliciously realistic ... [the candy] represents brined cucumbers with its aesthetics too. It’s the approximate size of the popular snack, complete with a stem and bumps you would find on the real dill." Talk about attention to detail.

Gummy Pickles, $5.99, Vat 19

Plus, the taste is resemblant of the real thing, being described as both "deliciously fruity," and "deliciously realistic," possessing a "...distinctly dill flavor mixed with the sugary sweetness of gummy."

It would appear pickles are the newest edible to become downright trendy. Just last week, a fork designed specifically for pickle consumption made rounds on the internet. The fork comes in a holder that attaches to the rim of a pickle jar, and with a caddy that catches drips when the fork is not in use. A specialty food company based in Washington, DC recently released six packs of cans of brine for mixing cocktails, and fast food chain Sonic is set to release a pickle-flavored slush this summer (because who says pickles are only for eating?! The New York Times even made headlines after lauding the unconventional combination of peanut butter and pickles in an article for its cooking section earlier this month—you can make up your own mind about it.

Of course, gummies are pretty popular in their own right. Couture gummy candy may be the next big sweet, following in the footsteps of cupcakes and macarons. California-based company Sugarfina specializes in designer-quality gummy snacks; it is the retailer that is responsible for the rosé gummy bears that won the hearts of the web in 2016. Not to mention, gummy vitamins remain a common find in medicine cabinets belonging to people of every age.

But none of these treats even remotely compare to the good-sized gherkin made of gummy. It takes a particular person (and palate) to appreciate a girthy gummy that tastes similar to a vinegary vegetable. It is definitely not for everyone, but maybe it is for you. If you are feeling really daring, slice it up and add it to the gummy hamburger also carried by V19 (though they actually advise against this as the burger tastes like fruit). But who knows what flavors you favor? You are considering buying a realistic gummy pickle, aren't you?