Videos Of Hannah Ann's Old Pageant Days Might Make You Root For The 'Bachelor' Contestant

Hannah Ann Sluss on The Bachelor

Like so many other contestants vying for the final rose in Peter's Bachelor season, early favorite Hannah Ann Sluss of Knoxville, Tennessee has spent some time in the sash.

While it's not even mentioned in her official ABC bio, the 23-year-old model is a former pageant queen, finishing as first runner-up in the 2015 Miss Tennessee Teen USA competition. For the event, Sluss wore a red custom gown from Sherri Hill, who has designed gowns for Miss USA, Miss America, and Miss Universe winners in the past. In the video below, you can see her exchanging whispers with the contestant who would go on to win in the moments leading up to the big announcement. The year before, according to pageant blogs, Sluss finished as second runner-up in the same competition after winning the local Miss Iris crown.

Then, in 2017, Sluss was named Miss North Knoxville, earning her a berth at the statewide contest that year where she finished as fourth runner-up.

But the following year at the 2018 Miss Tennessee USA competition, Sluss found herself back in a familiar position, holding hands and trading whispers as one of the final two, even after a less than perfect performance in the interview portion of the competition. Here she is announcing herself with a heavy Southern lilt that seems to have faded a bit since her pageant days.

In a clip unearthed by Bachelor blogger Reality Steve, Sluss fumbles when asked how she would punish fraternity members who contribute to the deaths of their pledges due to hazing.

After asking to have the question repeated, Sluss avoided a direct answer. "I absolutely think that hazing is horrible. And I think that, within our colleges, every person who is a college student, should be advised to be aware of your surroundings. And when you see a person being bullied, speak up and to tell someone else so we can prevent these hazing issues."

Once again, though, Sluss was named runner-up and can be seen politely slinking offscreen as the winner is crowned.

That said, Sluss's pageant work wasn't limited to centerstage. Away from the spotlight, Sluss was involved with the Miss Amazing pageant, which, according to its website, "provide opportunities for girls and young women with disabilities to raise self- confidence through the skills learned in pageantry in a supportive environment."

It's clear that Hannah Ann is no stranger to competing with dozens of other women for a final prize, or for using her platform and experience for a good cause. Peter's fallen for one pageant alum before, maybe this second time will be the trick.