Peter Weber Isn't Ditching His Pilot Gig After Achieving 'Bachelor' Fame

John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Pilot Pete is definitely living up to his nickname — even after becoming the Bachelor. In a recent interview with USA Today, Peter Weber revealed he returned to his pilot job after filming The Bachelor, rather than taking some time to bask in the spotlight of being the most eligible man on reality television. In fact, the pilot didn't wait long to return to the cockpit, telling the outlet that he flew his first post-Bachelor flight for Delta just one week after the show wrapped.

"That’s my passion," Peter said of flying, adding that being a pilot is "my first love." Unlike most members of Bachelor Nation, who often pursue a career in the spotlight after their time on television, Peter told the USA Today that he plans to continue being a commercial airline pilot until he reaches the FAA-mandated retirement age of 65 — just like his father.

Naturally, Peter's love of flying will play a major role in his upcoming season of The Bachelor, as he told People in late December that he's ultimately looking for someone who is understanding of his passion for aviation and his jet-setting lifestyle. "I needed someone who could handle my lifestyle," he explained. "Being a pilot and with what comes with that, I wanted to be honest with them from the beginning. And I didn’t want them to go into this blindly and not truly understand what it’s like to possibly be a pilot’s wife one day."

He continued, "I wanted them to understand what came with my schedule and my lifestyle. It’s not a typical, normal job where you’re home every single night. Some people can't handle that, and that's okay." Despite all of the stresses that come with being in a relationship while also working as a pilot, Peter told the outlet that he was confident he could meet someone who shares his love of adventure and travel, so that they can "have a lifetime of doing that together with me."

While Peter teased to People that his lifestyle and career were a major part of conversation in the Bachelor mansion, his high-flying antics have already begun playing a major role in The Bachelor's Season 17 promos — much to the approval of Charlize Theron. In December, the Oscar winner posted a photo on Instagram posing next to a Bachelor poster featuring Peter and the tagline, "Expect Turbulence," which she cheekily captioned, "turbulence I like." The pilot responded with a flirty Instagram post of his own, and jokingly told Theron to "buckle up" in the comments of her photo.

While Peter seems to be a fan of the many pilot-themed jokes and dates planned for the upcoming season, there is one Bachelor Nation reference that he's hoping to leave behind him once the season premieres: the infamous "windmill date" with Hannah Brown. Though their Fantasy Suite date in Greece was referenced in the first Bachelor promos — including a shot of one of Peter's potential love interests wearing a windmill costume on the first night — Peter hopes to officially put it to bed.

"Honestly, my private life is my private life," Weber told People about the windmill date. "I don't like that that defines me, I don't want that to define me. I wanted to leave that in the past and look forward." Regardless of how big a role Peter's life as a pilot or his wild night in a windmill play on the upcoming episodes of The Bachelor, it's clear that fans should definitely buckle up before the new season takes off on Monday, Jan. 6.