Hillary Clinton’s New TV Project With Steven Spielberg Already Sounds Like A Must-See

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Hillary Clinton is bringing her political know-how to her newest project: executive producing a television drama about the Suffragette movement. Instead of going into television through the world of political punditry, as other politicians have done in the past, Hillary Clinton is joining forces with Steven Spielberg to make a TV project about the women's right to vote.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the former First Lady and Secretary of State has teamed up with Steven Spielberg's Amblin Television to adapt Elaine Weiss' critically acclaimed book,The Woman's Hour: The Great Fight to Win the Vote, for the small screen. The book tells the story of the activists who led the decades-long fight to grant women the right to vote. It also celebrates the Suffragettes, who changed history and helped lay the foundation for the civil rights movement.

"I’m thrilled to be joining forces with Steven Spielberg to bring @efweiss5’s book 'The Woman’s Hour' to TV," Clinton tweeted on Wednesday. "It’s about the women who fought for suffrage nearly 100 years ago. We stand on their shoulders, and I’m delighted to have a hand in helping to tell their stories."

She elaborated in a longer statement to The Wrap, saying,

“At the heart of democracy lies the ballot box, and Elaine Weiss’s unforgettable book tells the story of the female leaders who — in the face of towering economic, racial, and political opposition — fought for and won American women’s right to vote. Unfolding over six-weeks in the summer of 1920, The Woman’s Hour is both a page-turning drama and an inspiration for everyone, young and old, male and female, in these perilous times.”

As of yet, the project doesn't have a director or screenwriter attached, but The Hollywood Reporter stated that Clinton will be involved in the selection process as the show moves forward.

The Woman's Hour marks Clinton's first foray into television production (though she has made guest appearances on shows like Broad City, and will appear on the upcoming Season 5 premiere of Madam Secretary), and it's hard to imagine a project that would be a better fit for the former Presidential candidate than that of the women who led the fight for the right to vote.

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Clinton, whose campaign slogan was the now-iconic "I'm With Her," has been an outspoken advocate for women's and family issues — most recently working to reunite immigrant families who have been separated at the border. And according to the Hollywood Reporter, she has been a fan of Weiss' book since before it was published in March. In fact, it was Clinton who sent the book to Spielberg in an effort to take it to the screen.

As Clinton mentioned in her statement, the story of The Woman's Hour holds a particular significance in the wake of the many political attacks against organizations like Planned Parenthood, the threat of the Supreme Court repealing Roe v. Wade and attacks on American voter's rights after the 2016 election, not to mention the recent exposure of sexual misconduct in so many professional fields. Choosing to chronicle the important women who paved the way for equal rights seems to be Clinton's way of highlighting how far we've come in the last two centuries, and to inspire women to keep fighting.

Of course, Clinton is not the only one trading her political office for the producer's chair. Her husband and former President Bill Clinton is adapting his book The President is Missing as a scripted drama for Showtime alongside James Patterson, while Barack and Michelle Obama have recently signed a multiple-year deal to produce films and TV shows with Netflix. (No word thus far on whether any of those proposed projects will be an Obama-Biden buddy comedy.)

The Woman's Hour is still being shopped around to various cable networks and streaming platforms, although once it finds a home, it should be only a matter of time before it becomes an Emmy Awards frontrunner.