Hot Topic's Beauty Section Is Actually So Lit & You Need To Stop Sleeping On It

Hot Topic

Were your dreams crushed when you heard that Claire's had filed for bankruptcy? You weren't alone. Those affordable hoops and nostalgia inducing accessories will always have a place in your heart. There is, however, another store that's still booming. Hot Topic's beauty section is actually so lit, and if you haven't been paying attention, you need to stop sleeping on this popular 2000s high schooler favorite store.

You may be thinking, "Hot Topic has a beauty section?" and the answer is yes. The retailer that you may associate with skulls, studded belts, and band tees is actually so much more. Not only do they have some of the best fandom gear (Disney, Riverdale, and Harry Potter just to name a few), but their beauty goods are seriously ready to hit your Instagram. From themed products to killer packaging, they've got a plethora of beauty items that you just can't pass up. The best news, though? They're affordable AF.

While you may not be wearing your black and white checked Vans anymore, and your My Chemical Romance obsession has probably worn off (along with your permanent black eyeliner stain), Hot Topic is still a legitimate store that you shouldn't be missing out on, no matter your age.

Get ready to return to your favorite grunge-style, all black everything, skull-laden high school favorite. Their Instagram worthy beauty products are about to make you miss the days of heavy side bangs and hair so straight your split ends just screamed in agony at the thought.

Lisa Frank Makeup Brush

Lisa Frank x Glamour Dolls Angled Blush Brush, $5, Hot Topic

Remember that depressing news about Claire's shuttering its doors? Well, there's good news. Hot Topic isn't all black, red, and white all over. This ultra colorful official Lisa Frank makeup brush is up for grabs.

Zombie Sheet Mask

Blackheart Revitalizing Zombie Face Mask, $4, Hot Topic

On the other side of the spectrum from the Lisa Frank brush is this Zombie face mask. Not only is it super on brand from your teenage self's favorite store, but you can't deny the irony of a revitalizing mask being zombie themed.

Skull Polish

Blackheart Beauty Blue Iridescent Nail Polish, $4, Hot Topic

If you love a good nail polish display but want something a bit edgier than those classic square Essie Polish containers, Blackheart Beauty's skull shaped polishes are going to look amazing on your vanity.

Unicorn Sleep Mask

Pastel Unicorn Sleep Mask, $6, Hot Topic

Zombie on your face not your thing? This fluffy, pastel unicorn sleeping mask is the adorable night time accessory you need. Just look at those super cute eyes.

Riverdale Eyeshadow Palette

Riverdale Cheer Eyeshadow Palette Hot Topic Exclusive, $12, Hot Topic

If you love Cheryl Blossom's signature makeup or if you can't get enough of Veronica Lodge's eyes, this Riverdale themed palette is your dream come true.

BayMax Hair Brush

Disney Big Hero 6 BayMax 3D Hairbrush, $9, Hot Topic

If Disney is your jam, then so is Hot Topic. This BayMax brush isn't just cute, it's a way to keep your favorite Disney hero near you all the time, and everyone could use a BayMax.

Beauty & The Beast Bath Bomb

Beauty & The Beast Enchanted Rose Bath Bomb, $8, Hot Topic

This rose-scented bath bomb is designed after the vase and rose found in the Beast's West Wing residence, and it's perfect for those who want to sit back in a tub and sing Disney songs to themselves.

Loki Fragrance

Marvel Loki Master of Mischief Fragrance, $20, Hot Topic

Why yes, this is a Loki eau de toilette. While you can't smell the scent through your computer, just look at that packaging! Isn't that enough? Think about this beauty showing up on your geeky Instagram feed.

Mermaid Makeup Brushes

Blackheart Beauty Mermaid Tail Makeup Brush Set, $13, Hot Topic

Have you seen those viral mermaid makeup brushes? Good news! There's a super cute brush set available at Hot Topic for under $15.

Koala Face Mask

Koala Face Mask, $4, Hot Topic

Want something adorable that's good for your skin and will make an ultra fun Insta-story? Look no further than this super cute Koala face mask from the Creme Shop.

Beauty & The Beast Mirror

Disney Beauty & The Beast Replica Hand Mirror, $20, Hot Topic

You won't see any beast in this mirror. You'll look fab after snagging all these Hot Topic beauty goodies.

Clearly, there's more to Hot Topic than emo, high school memories. From Lisa Frank themed makeup brushes to unicorn sleeping masks and Disney items, there's more than meets the eye at Hot Topic. Now, it's just time for you to go shopping.