How Do You Push Through Burnout? 13 Women Reveal How They Power Through Until Their Work Is Done


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When you're experiencing burnout, that's generally a sign that you need to slow down. But what if you can't? Sometimes, you need to know how to overcome burnout until your work is done (and then, of course, take an epic vacation).

Be warned, though: continuing to work after you've reached the point of burnout will probably make the burnout worse in the long-run, so only do it if you have to, Dr. Emily Anhalt, a psychological consultant specializing in emotional fitness and corporate wellness, tells Bustle. Anhalt suggests first thinking about why you feel the need to power through burnout. Ask yourself: "Is there really something imminently important to deal with? Or perhaps, is there fear of letting someone down? Would realizing that [you] need a break and perhaps support, bring up uncomfortable feelings?"

If you absolutely have to push through, at least schedule time to practice self-care as soon as you can. "Picture being low on gas in a car, but needing to get to an important meeting before filling the tank," says Anhalt. "One would be sure to make time after the meeting to fill the tank, wouldn't they? The same is true for self-care."

Here, 13 women share their strategies for keeping up the hustle even when your energy is dragging.

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As these tips show, powering through burnout doesn't necessarily mean working non-stop. It can also mean getting enough breaks and rest in that the time you do spend working is well-spent.