8 Women Reveal How They De-Stressed The Night Before Their Wedding


No matter what kind of wedding ceremony you might be having, from an Italian destination wedding with a big guest list or a city hall affair, you might feel some serious nerves the night before you get hitched. And for good reason! It's an important event in your life, but a path many have tread before you. Having a plan to de-stress before your wedding is always a smart idea so you can go into the day feeling clear-headed and happy. Step one: just ask some others how they have done it before.

Now, just for some general go-to tips, The American Psychological Association says that some effective ways to deal with stress are things like simply taking some time out for yourself, meditating, asking for support from the people around you, and exercise. Nothing like a few jumping jacks in your special wedding pajamas, you know?

But whatever you do, remember that the day is first and foremost about your partnership. Taking some time to let out the worry and enjoy yourself and your day of love is totally worth it. Below, eight women share what they did the night before their wedding to let go and just relax.


Kayla, 29

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"I actually did a thing where I wrote down a bunch of my anxieties and burned them on the deck of my hotel before I went to bed. All the worries about how the wedding was going to go the next day turned to flames."


Bowen, 28

"Just had a bath and a cheeseburger. Turned off the phone."


Ann, 32

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"I spent time with close friends and my bridesmaids. But a pro tip? Not too many. Keep it small."


Dee, 71

"Usually the rehearsal dinner is the night before the wedding, and it was a fun time for me. The stressful part is in the planning. By the time the wedding takes place you can enjoy the events! Just breathe and be present."


Ellen, 36

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"I had some things in place for day-of-wedding de-stressors. I went for a long run with my sister, I had my favorite breakfast, I asked my girlfriends to help me get ready and keep things light. But the night before I think ultimately two things helped me de-stress. The first is I had a plan for the next day, not a super rigid one, but things like that run planned out that let me know I would be able to unwind and feel good. And then [...] I also started to see and talk with [...] all the people who were in town for our wedding at that bar after the rehearsal dinner. I didn't expect that to be as meaningful as it was (we just suggested a big bar for people to hang at if they wanted), but when we walked in, I saw my cousins, and my oldest friends, and my high school counselor, and former bosses all talking to each other, and [they showered] us with this incredible love. Even just processing that they were all together and in this place because of our wedding, because they wanted to show up for my partner and me, really overcame and overwhelmed any stress I felt. I slept so well that night."


Kiri, 32

"Meditating a lot. Chanting meditations are most helpful because they have a greater power to distract. The night before my wedding I did a method called Kirtan Kriya."


K, 39

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"A bath, and some nice messages back and forth to your spouse-to-be are a great way to go. Just remembering the day is about you two, and love. Whatever happens (rain, hail, extreme heat, total destruction), the pleasure you take in each other is the most important."


Diana, 67

"I do what I always do to de-stress. Took a walk in nature and tried to get out of my head. Deep breaths and looking at what surrounds you does wonders."

Now, if you have personal de-stressing techniques that always work for you, stick to those! But taking some me-time and paying attention to your needs should be a priority so you can truly be present at your wedding.