How Do You Write A Good Cover Letter? HR Professionals Reveal Their Best Tips


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No one ever opened their computer and said, “Yes! I’m so pumped to write a cover letter today!” Those one-page summaries of all of your best qualities and why your dream job should hire you are hella intimidating. But, unfortunately, despite the many, many changes in the way we work that have rolled out in recent years, it looks like the cover letter is here to stay. And since it’s often the first thing that your potential future employer learns about you, it’s pretty important to get it right.

Alexandra Finkel, Editorial Operations Director for Bustle, says that her number one tip for making sure your cover letter gets noticed is all about personalization. “The most important thing about a cover letter is that it applies to both the job and the company that you’re applying to,” Finkel says. “I really use the cover letter as an integral part of the application process when evaluating a candidate. I can tell really quickly whether a cover letter is personalized and whether it’s a copy/paste job.”

So, step one: Don’t copy and paste. For steps two, three, four, and five, keep reading what these five HR professionals recommend if you’re trying to write the perfect cover letter.

Hannah Burton/Bustle

Hannah Burton/Bustle

Hannah Burton/Bustle

There you have it: get personal, do your research, keep it concise — and don't forget to spell check a few times. Now go get 'em!