This Is Why January Might Be Super Lucky


If you're planning to ask your crush out on a date, negotiate a pay raise, or propose a new project at work, now might be the time to do it, thanks to something called All Planets in Direct Motion (APDM). If you've already heard of this astrological anomaly, you may be wondering how long all planets are moving direct in 2017 — and on that front, I have good news: We've got quite some time to enjoy a little extra harmony in our lives.

In case you need a bit of background info, APDM means that all major planets in our solar system are "moving forward." This is extremely rare, as there's usually at least one planet moving retrograde at any given time during the year. It's worth noting, however, that the planets don't actually "move backward" when they turn retrograde; rather, it simply appears that way because of how the solar system is positioned at the time. Even so, it's pretty cool to think that everything in our solar system is moving in the same direction. Basically, it's as if all the planets are naturally working in harmony with one another.

Like I previously mentioned, APDM doesn't happen often. In fact, records show that previous APDM cycles vary wildly, from five days to as long as 35 days (that was in 2008). The celestial event usually occurs sometime in late fall or early-middle winter, between November and February. It didn't happen at all in 2014, so I'd say we should take advantage of this year's APDM while it lasts.

This year, APDM began on Jan. 7 and should stay in effect until Feb. 6, so the phenomenon will last an entire month. You could say that, during this time, the stars have aligned in your favor (literally and figuratively). Thus, people may experience remarkable fortune and other positive events in their lives.

APDM is a nice change after several weeks of Mercury retrograde, in which the planet Mercury appeared to move retrograde between Dec. 16, 2016 and Jan. 8, 2017. Mercury retrograde usually happens between three and four times a year. Contrary to APDM, Mercury Retrograde is notorious for bringing bad luck, particularly when it comes to technology, money, and communication. So if your finances took a downturn or you perhaps lost some followers on social media for no apparent reason, Mercury retrograde might be to blame.

But now that all the planets are in direct motion, your luck may be turning around soon enough. Just think of it as if you've swallowed a dose of Felix Felicis. And with the start of the New Year, it's the perfect time to turn over a new leaf. With this attitude in mind, I can't help but hum to the lyrics of "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk.

Even if you think astrological phenomena like ADPM are just a bunch of hullabaloo, there are still tons of ways to have a positive, fruitful 2017. For instance, just visualizing good things happening to you could lead to success because you're more curious and open to opportunities. And, again, I don't suppose having all our planets in direct motion hurts, either. Happy 2017!