Too Faced's Clover Palette Is Too Cute For Words

Courtesy of Too Faced

If you're still processing the best beauty products of 2016, hurry up, because this year is already filled with so many incredible must-haves. You might be familiar with Too Faced Cosmetics thanks to its infamous Sweet Peach Collection that launched in March 2017, but the brand's fall launches might take the cake, especially in terms of cuteness. Need evidence? I give you Too Faced's Clover Palette.

Too Faced's fall products include a new glitter eyeshadow collection, a setting powder, a hangover mist, and a high shine lipstick, but above all, you're going to love the Clover Eyeshadow Palette, which was inspired by co-founders Jeremy and Jerrod's Chihuahua, Clover.

The palette has 18 brand new shades — yes, you heard that number correctly! While there are bright, glittery shades in the new palette, there's also a number of muted tones to give you a great balance for many different looks.

You can expect to see a number of the fall products to launch online this summer in June, but unfortunately you won't be able to shop the limited eyeshadow palette until later in August. But how much is Too Faced's Clover Palette? You can get it on the Too Faced Cosmetics website for $49.

You can check out a preview of the palette below.

The packaging is so adorable featuring Clover the Chihuahua!

Courtesy of Too Faced

Clover Eye Shadow Palette, $49,

The eyeshadow palette even includes a mirror for all of your on-the-go makeup needs. And with cute names like Good Boy and I Ruff You, what more could you ask for?!