This Is What You Need To Know If You Fancy A Bit Of The 'Shipwrecked' Action

by Emma Madden

I'm all here for it, but what's with this revival of reality TV shows that didn't make it in their day, but are really making it work now? Love Island's the most obvious example. It started off as a celeb dating show in the mid-'00s, was swiftly cancelled, but now its comeback has taken over UK TV culture. Will the same happen to the once cancelled Channel 4 reality TV show Shipwrecked? The show, which is just about to air again, has a similar premise to Love Island, and here's how you can apply for Shipwrecked.

Before I tell you how to apply, I reckon it's probably in everyone's best interests that I let you know what you're getting yourself in for first. Alright, so here are the pros. Unlike Love Island, this show takes place on an actual island, and you'll get whisked off to a paradise like location which Channel 4 reps confirmed to Bustle is on Rapota and Moturakau, in the Cook Islands. There's also the promise of a £50,000 cash prize at the end of it all, but here's where the cons come in.

You'll be put in a "tribe" competing alongside another — the Tigers and the Sharks — to be exact, so if you're not in the right one, you won't see any cash. Also, you'll be living on a very scarce amount of food and water, and you'll have to build your own shelter. OK, so Bear Grylls crossed with Love Island might be the most accurate description here.

Now you're ready. Here's how to apply. Unfortunately, this year's castaways have already been cast, and it's not the same deal as Love Island. Y'know, where they just bring more and more people in. Nah, Shipwrecked is different. The contestants are primed and certified. Here's a first look at them, so you can get an idea of what the show's casters are looking for for next time. To no one's surprise, it looks as though they're looking for abs, and very, very conventionally attractive people. Sigh.

It's very, very likely that the show will return in 2020, since this is, as Neale Simpson, Executive Producer of the show told Telly Mix "the next generation of Tigers and Sharks," so it doesn't look as though this train will be stopping anytime soon.

According to The Sun, last year's application process had the hopeful contestants answering a series of questions, as well as submitting a bunch of photos and videos. All standard stuff, really. Apparently, Shipwrecked's producers were on the hunt for people who are "totally extra, have strong opinions, and the ability to hold their own during the experience of a lifetime." If that sounds like you, you should totally apply next year. Last year's application process opened in May, so bookmark your calendar and this page for then, or look out for an announcement at the end of the current series. I can't imagine the application process will change much, so put your most "extra" foot forward. Best of luck.