How To Celebrate Meghan & Harry's Wedding, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Crystal Duan
Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The good news is another royal wedding is happening on May 19. In just a few weeks, Meghan Markle, who we in the States know as the queen of Suits/our hearts, sniff, will be a princess (well, close to one — IT COUNTS, right?) as she marries Prince Harry on a lovely spring Saturday.

The bad news is the wedding is going to be at an ungodly hour for us, so figuring out how to celebrate the royal wedding stateside is going to be a trip and a half. The lovebirds will tie the knot at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle starting at 7 a.m. EST, 4 a.m. PST. Seven years ago, you may recall waking up to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton say their "I do's." Turns out that was only round one, folks; Harry and Meghan will have us up at the crack of dawn to celebrate all over again.

For those of you loyal royal fanatics who will manage to find a way to get up in the morning to see this lovely union, good news: not only are there a ton of fun ways to celebrate, but there are ways should celebrate the celebrate based on your zodiac sign. And really, what says true love quite like following what's written in the stars? Read on to get some inspired royal wedding celebration ideas.


Have a royal photo shoot. Or a photo booth! You love the spotlight yourself, but are more than happy to share it because of your big heart. So get your friends to break out their attire, and make sure you look real swell to celebrate the decadence that will be present at St George's. Making each other feel positively royal is essential.


Host a garden party, complete with British yard games. Find out who's a pro at croquet or cricket. You're an earthy type of sign, so being outdoors with the comfort of a group of friends will make you happiest. This way you can be all smiles for sending Meghan and Harry the best vibes!


Decorate every corner of your place. Hit the Dollar Tree for little British flags, bust out that tea set someone gave you for your birthday a few years back, and go full British for the day. America may have revolted, but you are the ever diplomatic Gemini — nobody is more excited to see this international love story come to life than you.


Make some awesome royal treats. Your tender caring heart and creative spirit mean you're going to be able to imitate the best of British pastries. If anyone can do it, it's you. Sponge cake, anyone? And if that doesn't quite float your boat, then draw some inspiration from Meghan Markle's old lifestyle blog — as a self-professed foodie, she has excellent taste, and the recipes to back it up to boot.


Host a killer tea party. You're going to be the person that can make any occasion fancy AF, and of course you can put a classy spin on drinking everyone's favorite British drink. No one's hair is going to be Earl-greying when you're in the house, so you're the perfect person to host this.


Have a Suits/The Crown marathon. Chances are, your obsessive self has already seen all the royal-relevant shows there are to see, but it is now your duty to show the masses! Making sure everyone's as big a fan as Meghan/the Queen is a task only you would be up to, Virgo. After all, nobody stans quite as hard or as lovingly as you.


Have a crown-crafting session. Tiaras and crowns aren't just for little kids! Get your whole crew together to get your crafting game on and your Instagrams lit. It's a prime way to honor your royal obsession, and it will help you deal with the anxiety of making sure everyone is happy and occupied at your fete, as crafting demands your full attention.


Get all of Meghan's favorite wines and serve them. A wine night is your perfect way to lean into your love of all things elegant, and luckily, Meghan has a re-Markle-ble selection. Kick back with some Antinori Tignanello, or a Cabernet Sauvignon from Jordan Vineyard & Winery for a fast-track way to embody the tastes of a future princess.


Host a royal makeover pampering session party, where you get accessories, dresses and palettes all based on Meghan's signature looks. A fire sign like you appreciates the awesomeness that comes from self-care — so Meghan and Harry are celebrating true love, you can celebrate your own version of it, too.


Have a fundraiser to donate to Meghan/Harry-approved causes. I mean, you don't have enough money to send them a nice gift to the U.K., so this is the next best thing right? And you are already such a practical-minded and generous person, so this is the perfect way to mark the occasion. Here's the list of all the causes Harry and Meghan have announced their support for leading up to the royal wedding to get you started.


Keep a running slideshow of adorable Royal fam pictures in the background. If anyone can appreciate a good TBT, it's you, Aqua. As someone who is generally guarded in their relationships, it's a sweet reminder of the ones that really make it worthwhile — and honestly, what's cuter than regaling your guests with adorable shots of George's shorts, Charlotte's smile, and images of baby number three?


Have some royal-themed royal bingo or royal trivia. You would totally nerd out over learning more about the awesome family, and what better way than to put that knowledge to the test? The most flattering way to honor someone is to research them obsessively, right? Here are a few other ideas of royal wedding-themed games you can play to get the party started.