How To Change Your Facebook Profile Picture To Support The 2018 Women’s March

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Considered to be the largest day of protests in American history, the Women's March on Jan. 21, 2017 was an influential, inspiring stand against the continued disregard for equality in the United States. In the months since the march, social media has proven itself to be a useful tool with which people can provide support for the fight for women's equality, as well as spread important messages about the movement. And now, with the second Women's March on Jan. 20, 2017 approaching, there has never been a more opportune time to utilize social media to show your support — for instance, there's a way you can change your Facebook profile photo to support the Women's March this year. If you haven't changed your Facebook photo in what feels like forever, there's no better time than now.

To mark the one year anniversary of the Women's March, in addition to a second annual march on Jan. 20, an event called Power To The Polls is being held in Las Vegas on Jan. 21, 2018. It will stand as a kick off to a national voter registration tour in lead up to the 2018 elections. With many Americans hoping that the 2018 elections will bring real change in government, it's critical that as many people register to vote as possible. The campaign will focus on swing states and marginalized communities.

Can't make it to Las Vegas? No need to worry — there are still lots of ways to stand up for women's rights. Using social media you can express your support from wherever you are. Read on for how to change your Facebook profile photo to support the Women's March.

Change Your Photo To One From The 2017 Women's March

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Whether it's a photo you took while attending one of last year's marches or an inspiring one you found online, having your profile photo directly reference the Women's March is an amazing sign of unity and protest against those who wish to take away our rights. Plus, looking back at the photos you took at the Women's March will remind you of the amazing experience you had.

Check Out Facebook's Profile Photo Frames


The Women's March has some official Facebook profile photo frames available on the social media site, and it's super easy to add — all you do is click Update Profile Picture, then head to the "Add Frame" feature. When you search "women's march," all the available frames will pop up! Select whichever you want, and then click "Use as Profile Picture."

Pick A Female Empowering Quote To Represent You

I may be slightly more obsessed with quotes than the average person, but I still think there are few things as powerful as a really great sentence. Change your profile photo to a quote that reminds you that your gender is not a representation of your capacity for strength. It will allow others to be inspired by it's truth as well and maybe even give someone an idea for a Women's March sign.

Use A Photo Of You And Your Girlfriends

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Girls supporting girls has the power to create monumental change. The Time's Up movement has constantly emphasized the need to stand together united as we fight for our own and each other's rights. Showing an obvious sign of support for your fellow women is an amazing way to stand with the Women's March.

Add An Inspiring Woman's Artwork

Sticking with the idea of girls supporting girls, try changing your profile picture to a design or artwork done by a woman you admire. Sourcing their information in the caption helps spread the word about their work while sending a powerful message about uplifting others. There's this idea that there is only room for a handful of women at the top when, in reality, the space available is endless and should be filled with as many amazing women as possible.

The Women's March was a spark that reignited the modern fight for women's equality in America. Thanks to the power of social media, it's possible for you to join the cause from wherever you are.