How To Get Back In The Moment During Sex When You're Thinking About Your Body Insecurities

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

It's depressing how much time women spend thinking about their looks. American women spend half an hour a day improving their appearances, according to a survey. Even more upsettingly, this pattern seeps into the bedroom. Thirty-two percent of women in one Cosmo survey said that when they didn't orgasm, it was because they were in their heads or thinking about their looks. Of course, this isn't our fault — we have a culture that routinely objectifies women to blame for that — but it's also not doing us any favors in the bedroom. The more we're up in our heads, the fewer sensations we'll feel. So, how do you stop thinking about your body insecurities during sex?

"You’d think with sex being as pleasurable as it is, we’d be consumed with the how incredible it feels rather than obsessed with how we look," Emily Morse, Doctorate of Human Sexuality and host of Sex With Emily podcast, tells Bustle. "Since one of the most common questions I get asked is how to stop obsessing about my body during sex, I know this is a significant challenge."

If you've fallen into this pattern, you're clearly not alone. Here are some ways to get out of you head and back into the moment.