How To Pack Personality Into Your Dating Profile

by Laken Howard

If you're an avid online dater, you're probably always on the lookout for ways to improve your dating profile. That tiny bio box may not seem like a huge deal, but when you have limited space to market yourself to potential partners, it's important to make the most of your dating profile. Although having kickass pictures is certainly one piece of the puzzle, your personality matters online, too (duh). So what do people think are the sexiest personality traits?

Dating app Happn and luxury beauty box company GLOSSYBOX surveyed more than 6,500 men and women about what they find most and least attractive in a potential partner, and found that things like humor, confidence, and intelligence are the most sought-after qualities in a significant other.

"Having a sense of humor is hands-down the number one sexiest feature in a potential partner according to our respondents," Happn and GLOSSYBOX said in a press release. "Self-confidence and intelligence are also among the hottest attributes in a prospective love match. The least attractive? Shy and sensitive types were among the least voted for traits for both men and women."

The survey found that in heterosexual relationships, 80 percent of women think a guy should make the first move, while guys were split 50/50 about who should take the reins when it comes to starting a conversation. Either way, someone's got to break the ice, so don't be afraid to send a funny first message to get the ball rolling — after all, taking the initiative shows confidence, which is *the* most attractive trait, according to 16 percent of both men and women.

Courtesy of Happn and GLOSSYBOX

With all that being said, it's not always easy to show off all the wonderful facets of your personality in a short dating app bio. But don't worry: it's totally possible to make sure your dating profile is funny and reflects who you are. Here are five ways to pack even more personality into the limited space of your dating profiles.


Show Your Interests

Whatever your hobbies are, don't be afraid to flaunt them. While you can always just mention the things you love to do in your bio, having a visual aid can't hurt.

"Use pictures that have elements of your interests in them — if you love hiking and dogs and concerts, include pics with you doing that," Gina Stewart, online dating coach and founder of Expert Online Dating, tells Bustle. "Use your clothes in the photos to tell similar aspects. Love a band? Use a pic with you in your favorite band’s shirt. This will help facilitate messages."


Ask Questions In Your Profile

In the world of dating apps, it pays to put in a little extra effort. Though it might be a bit more work on your part, there are ways to lend a helping hand to your matches and help them get to know you and (hopefully) make a real connection with you.

"Use captions whenever you can, but best if you can make them questions or more interesting than the standard," Stewart says. "So for that pic of you at Machu Picchu, maybe say something like 'How long do you think it took me to hike here? Prize for closest answer.'" It sounds silly, but engaging with your 'audience' will help them to start better conversations, which might lead somewhere more exciting than Ghostville, population: you.


Start Convos You Actually Want To Have

I'm not a fan of small talk — it's boring and redundant, and no one is ever just fine. So instead of asking "how are you?" every time you get a new match, switch it up and break the ice with a more specific (and fun!) opening line.

"Start conversations you actually want to talk about with people," Stewarts says. 'What are your thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 6?' You’ll get... better messages. You can also play games/riddles (like two truths and a lie)."


Don't Be Afraid To Crack A Joke

Thanks to the Happn and GLOSSYBOX survey, we know that a sense of humor is the trait to display on a dating profile. Although it's best to avoid things like tons of self-deprecation or low-brow humor (seriously, fart jokes are no longer funny), you shouldn't feel so ~serious~ about finding love that you can't let loose and crack a quip or two in your bio. Whatever your style of humor, inject small doses into your formerly drab profile, and watch as like-humored individuals eagerly swipe right.


Use Your Limited Space Wisely

With a strict character limit, it's important to maximize the space of your dating profile and leave out anything extraneous. So what are some definite dating profile mistakes? "Avoid any negatives about yourself, Stewart says. "Avoid cliches — most people won’t even read them. Don’t list out requirements of who should or shouldn’t message you."

When it comes down to it, a dating profile should be a reflection of you — your interests, your hobbies, your humor, your style. It might take a few tries to perfect the 'voice' of your dating profile, but the effort is more than worth it if you're really looking for love (or even just good sex).

"The more effort you make to portray yourself, the more likely similar people will seek you out and then you’ll have better dates," Stewart says. Boldly display your personality, and see who comes to call — they just might be your next partner.