How To Plan A Bachelorette Party In Your Hometown & Save Some Money

Four beautiful girls clinking glasses with champagne at party.

When it comes to planning a bachelorette party, your first thought is probably what activities should you do to celebrate. But sometimes, you want to just stay in town for the festivities to save time and money instead of going all out and jetting off to another city. But planning a staycation bachelorette party does not mean having to compromise when it comes to fun. There are still plenty of ways to make the person getting married feel loved and celebrated without traveling far away, according to experts.

If you want to feel like you've gone somewhere far away without actually having to deal with the stress of traveling, try spending the night at a boutique hotel in town or cool Airbnb, Alexia Crossman, a wedding planner and owner of Wiley Events Co, tells Bustle. "Just being together with friends under the same roof is super fun," she says. This will save attendees plenty of money and can help the party fit into people's schedules more easily while still including all of the fun of staying together in one place. If a hotel is out of budget, throw your own slumber party, fully equipped with your favorite movies, plenty of delicious snacks, and all of the fun games you can handle.


Exploring a new city can always be fun, but there's bound to be a lot that your own city has to offer that you haven't tried yet. One fun way to throw a bachelorette party is to sign up for a local class, Crossman says. There likely is so much to choose from that you can really pick something that represents the interest of the person getting married perfectly. "Whether it's cooking, perfume making, pottery, or floral arranging, it will give you a new perspective on what your city has to offer," she says. Plus, if you do decide to take a cooking class together, you probably won't have to worry about arranging for food for everyone, because barring any major kitchen mishaps, you'll all end up with a wonderful homemade meal at the end of the excursion.

If you're overwhelmed by choices or can't quite seem to find a good mix of activities for the bachelorette party, a good place to start might be to first determine a theme for the day (or weekend), wedding and event specialist Lynne Goldberg, tells Bustle. For example, if you know that the person getting married has always dreamed of traveling to Italy or going on a safari, you could incorporate that into the choices you make. Maybe you sign the group up for a gnocchi making class or organize a trip to the local zoo or animal shelter. Cute decorations can also highlight this passion without costing much extra money, she says.


One big way to feel like you've traveled to another place without having to deal with the hassle of TSA is to book a boat ride, Goldberg says. If you live near a body of water and the weather is decent, organize a fun afternoon on the water. This doesn't have to mean renting an expensive yacht though. Simply find a small vessel that's willing to take you, the person getting married, and a few guests onboard to enjoy the sunshine, take some beautiful photos, and enjoy some snacks you've brought along.

Whether you attempt to bring the group to Paris while staying in your own city or throw a relaxing slumber party at a cool hotel, it's sure to be a bachelorette party that nobody will forget. Just make sure to enjoy each other's company.