A Spiritual Counselor Explains How The Solar Eclipse Will Affect Your Sex Life

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I'm by no means an astrology fanatic, but I feel like there has to be more to the solar eclipse than just the opportunity to take a cool photo of the dark, moon-covered sun. So aside from totally taking over your Instagram feed, how can the solar eclipse affect your life? There's actually a spiritual meaning behind the solar eclipse: it brings a shift in energy that can be a catalyst for making significant changes — so this rare occurrence might also impact your love life in unexpected ways.

"A solar eclipse brings an intense energy shift into people’s lives while a total solar eclipse brings an even more intense shift," Davida Rappaport, Speaker, Spiritual Counselor, and Relationship Expert, tells Bustle. "When energies shift you can feel it without realizing that it is impacting you. You may ask, 'Is this me or is this something else? I know something feels off or different, but I can’t put my finger on it.' How you respond to the energy shift and the choices you make while under its influence can impact your life — and sex life in many ways — from fabulous to disastrous."

Even if you're a hardened skeptic, it doesn't hurt to be aware of how the cosmos might play a hand in your love life — here's how you can expect your love and sex life to change as a result of the 2017 solar eclipse.

You Might Feel A Buildup Of Energy

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Have you noticed a random spike in your energy in the last week or so? According to Rappaport, that could be the work of the looming solar eclipse — but that energy might not necessarily be totally positive or straightforward.

"You may feel the buildup of energy to a solar eclipse a week or three days before the actual eclipse — elation and apprehension at the same time," Rappaport says. "The energy you feel may be mixed and will continue to shift as the eclipse reaches its finale. This might be a good time to question what you are feeling emotionally. I would strongly advise that you think before you speak or act so you don’t say or do anything you may regret when the intensity you feel dissipates — and it will dissipate."

You Might Crave Intimacy More

Thanks to all the shifting energy surrounding the solar eclipse's approach, you might find yourself feeling extra lovey-dovey or craving sexual intimacy more than usual lately.

"Think of this as the heat of the sun (passion) stirring your mind and body in a way that makes you want to feel as close to someone as you possibly can.

"When the eclipse is approaching, you may want more sex and intimacy with your partner — or someone you like or are dating if you do not have [a] committed relationship," Rappaport says. "You may discover that your sexual urges may become more pronounced. Think of this as the heat of the sun (passion) stirring your mind and body in a way that makes you want to feel as close to someone as you possibly can."

The solar eclipse is as good a time as any to sexually and emotionally connect with your partner, so it might be worthwhile to plan a last-minute, romantic date night and take advantage of the extra energy the eclipse brings.

Be Wary Of Mercury Retrograde's Impact

So far, 2017 has been a real doozy — astrologically speaking, of course: we're currently in our third Mercury retrograde of the year. So not only do we have to worry about the solar eclipse's ~energy~ messing with our love lives, we also have to be on our guard thanks to Mercury retrograde's pesky habit of throwing off our earthly communication.

"Be mindful that this eclipse is happening during a Retrograde Mercury," Rappaport says. "Make sure your communication is clear and easily understood or you may find the problems you had in your relationship or sex life may end up becoming magnified. If this happens, you and your partner will know what areas you need to work on to make your relationship stronger."

What To Expect After The Eclipse Is Over

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As much hype as this solar eclipse has generated, it's a little sad that the main event itself only lasts a few short minutes. After that, we just have our regular old yellow sun — at least until the next solar eclipse in 2024, that is. But how long does it take for the ~vibes~ to go back to normal and stop interfering with our relationships?

"A few days after the eclipse is over, you may no longer want to be 'that close' [to your partner] or you may want to keep this intensity going for as long as you can," Rappaport says. "In most cases, when the energy dissipates, things tend to go back to normal. You may even feel temporarily depressed and not know why. Be advised that this is shifting energy and it will pass. Remember it takes at least three days for energy to shift. Enjoy the feeling but be willing to let it go."

Basically, it could feel kind of like a cosmic caffeine crash: you'll notice your energy waning and maybe feel a little off, but you'll readjust before you know it. "After the eclipse, and the energy shifts in the other direction, you may start to question your actions and feelings prior to and during the eclipse," Rappaport says. "As long as you don’t overthink things and you and your partner do not have any unrealistic expectations, you may find your relationship has improved as a result of becoming closer during this shift."

Hopefully, you and your partner can use the solar eclipse to get closer and more intimate than ever. But if not, don't overthink it: maybe you're just unaffected by the stirrings of the cosmos.