How Winter Storm Niko Is Boosting Your Tinder Game

Ashley Batz for Bustle

Well, we’re in the middle of a Snowmageddon yet again. Similar to last January’s blizzard, Jonas, people all over the Northeast are snowed the eff in — and it’s wonderful. And what do snowstorms bring out in people? Naturally, more matches on Tinder.

If you lived in the Northeast last year, you definitely remember snowstorm Jonas. If you lived in New York City, specifically, you also probably remember that not only did the city pretty much run out of wine, but even the 24-hour bodegas closed. It was during that storm that Tinder found an interesting pattern: People were swiping more than usual. In fact, during the storm, there was a 10 percent increase in matches. It makes a lot of sense; if you have to be snowed in, you might as well be snowed in and "meeting" new people.

As this snowstorm Niko, bombards the Northeast in the same fashion as Jonas did last year, it’s safe to say that there’s a lot of swiping going to be had on Tinder — and a lot of right swiping, for sure. So, since I known you’re “working” from home today, you might as well get your profile looking stellar, get on Tinder, and find your match.

Here are seven Tinder stats from last year's storm to motivate you, because Niko is expected to have the same effect.


Millions Of Matches Were Made During Jonas Last Year

According to Tinder's findings, what that 10 percent increase in matches resulted in was 25 million matches — just during the storm! Which, if I recall correctly, was about 24 hours long. Although we were all snowed in for a couple days after that.


Tinder Swipes Reached The Billions During Jonas

While we already know that when it comes to swipes, other apps probably don't hold a candle to Tinder action, but during the snowstorm last year, two billion swipes were made. TWO BILLION. See what snow does to people?


Snowstorms Make Us Change Our Routine

According to Tinder Sociologist, Dr. Jess Carbino, snowstorms force us to change our routines. We end up working from home, not going out, and the shift in our daily lives can make us look for other ways to entertain ourselves. Tinder, if you've never tried it, makes for hours of entertainment, because all that swiping is addicting AF.


New York Had the Most Impressive Amount Of Swipes

Although Tinder didn't get into exact numbers in their results, it did say that between January 22 and January 24, 2016 — the peak Jonas days — New York was swiping the most.

Hey, NYC is the most sexually active city according to the 2017 SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey, maybe the snowstorm would make us extra swipey — which is technically not a word, but it is today.


Philly Was Also Busy Swiping Away During The Storm

Philadelphia may not have been hit as hard as NYC last year, but they certainly got their swiping on, too. According to Tinder, Philly was second on the list of the top five cities that swiped the most.


The Boston Area Was Swiping Quite A Bit

Like New York City, Massachusetts had not one, but two cities swiping a bunch. Boston came in third place in regards to their number of swipes and Cambridge, MA, home to Harvard, was also swiping a bunch, coming in fourth place on the list.

Fun fact: The Boston area is home to the most amount of colleges and universities in the United States. So... snowstorm or not, it's probably a hot bed of swiping.


Niko Is Bound To Have The Same Effect On Tinder

According to Dr. Carbino, if the results from last year's snowstorm are any indication of what Tinder's stats will look like after this storm is over, then Tinder is the app to be on for the next 24 to 48 hours.

“Snowstorm Niko may be a great time to use Tinder because most people want to stay indoors, leaving them without too many things to do — you can only Netflix binge for so long!" Dr. Carbino said in Tinder's press release. "During this downtime, singles can foster meaningful conversations and make a connection with Tinder matches."

No matter what you're looking for at this point in your life — a relationship, a hookup, or just someone to cuddle with as the snow comes barreling down — Tinder is going to help you with that. So get on it now.