Your Zodiac Sign May Be Having An Impact On Your Sex Life, A New Study Says

Alexey Kuzma/Stocksy

Many believe that a person's star sign and birth chart holds influence over their feelings, their personality, and their personal preferences. And that can include when it comes to the bedroom. Well, a new study from SKYN Condoms has revealed how your star sign may affect your sex life, suggesting that each sign has a distinct set of sexual characteristics.

SKYN Condoms is one of the leading brands in non-latex condoms. And they have recently released the annual 2019 SKYN Condoms Sex Survey in time for the start of Taurus season, which began on April 22. Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love, but how did Taureans fare in this survey? The responses SKYN Condoms received illustrate that, just because the season of love is upon us all, that doesn't mean the signs will be experiencing it in the same way.

So, which sign is into what? Who lasts the longest, and who's having it the most often? Which sign is most likely to use condoms? Or lube? Who likes to chat about their bedroom escapades, and who keeps it on the down low? All this and more is revealed below, so read on to find out how your sign may be having an influence on your sex life.



It's important to back yourself in the bedroom. Feeling confident and sexy is key. The 2019 SKYN Condoms Sex Survey suggests there is one star sign that isn't struggling with that. Capricorns were found to be the most confident in bed. Known for being ambitious, sensitive, and disciplined, the study found that their Capricorn respondents were not short in confidence in their bedroom ability.



The SKYN Condoms Sex Survey found that Virgos are most likely to under report the number of sexual partners they have had. Whether this is out of modesty or secretiveness, it's hard to tell, but Virgos are known for being loyal and kind to others, as well as being over critical of themselves. So maybe that has something to do with it.



Pisces is one of the most creative and compassionate signs. They tend to be wise, intuitive, and gentle, and the SKYN Condoms Sex Survey found that, of all of their Pisces respondents, 30 percent had been in an open relationship. As Taurus season can mean big things for your love and sex life, Pisces may be more inclined to keep things fluid within their relationships, avoiding putting any labels on anything.



Love and sex doesn't always have to involve others. In fact, a little bit of time with yourself can be a great step in self-care. It would seem that the Libras that responded to the SKYN Condoms Sex Survey recognised this, as they were named the sign that is likely to masturbate the most. Although Libras are usually super social, they seem to know you can't beat a little time connecting with yourself.



We shouldn't be afraid to introduce lube into the bedroom, especially if it make things more enjoyable. The SKYN Condom Sex Survey found that, of all the signs, their Aquarius respondents are clued up on this fact, as they use lube 51 percent of the time. Typically very progressive, independent, and original, it would seem the water sign likes to keep things well oiled in the bedroom.



When it comes to sex, nothing is a competition and quantity doesn't always equal quality. However, according to the SKYN Condom Sex Study, Cancer's are the sign that are having the most sex. Being typically tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal, and emotional can make Cancers really great romantic partners and bed fellows. However, Cancer's have also been characterised as insecure and suspicious. It sounds like the love life of a Cancer is super busy, but Taurus season may give them some clarity.



Being creative, passionate, generous, and humorous makes Leos really easy to love, in my opinion. Being self-confident and a little bit dramatic means being open in their sex life doesn't come as too much of a difficulty. The SKYN Condoms Sex Survey found that, of all their respondents, Leos were the most likely to sext. While it is hardly taboo now, sexting does still take an element of self-assurance, which plays right into Leos characteristics.



The SKYN Condoms Sex Survey found that Geminis have really relinquished any shame attached to their "number," as they were most likely to over report the number of sexual partners they had. Known for being affectionate, curious, and open to exchanging different ideas, Geminis were found to be more likely to tell a little white lie about how many people they had taken to bed. Fair enough.



The SKYN Condoms Sex Survey found that, if you are looking for a lover with stamina, then Aries may be the star sign for you. Their Aries respondents were found to be the ones to last longest during sex. When you consider that Aries are characterised as being passionate, confident, and enthusiastic, it's hardly surprising they take this through to the bedroom.



There are no two ways about it, sex should be fun for everyone involved. It goes without saying that some of the most crucial aspects about sex and love are consent and safety. I feel super lucky to live in a time where there are so many contraceptive options available. The SKYN Condoms Sex Survey found that, of all their respondents, those who were Sagittarius were most likely to use condoms. Sagittarians have so many incredible qualities, including being generous with a great sense of humour. And now it appears we can add safety conscious to the list.



One of the greatest things about the internet is that it has opened up conversations about sex, desires, and kinks. What may have been considered taboo a few years ago now have whole forums dedicated to them. Scorpio is a sign ruled by Mars, so it's hardly surprising that the sex lives of Scorpios can be quite fiery. The SKYN Condoms Sex Survey found that it was their Scorpio respondents that are most likely to use restraints in the bedroom. Scorpios are characterised as being brave and passionate, so it's no wonder they're up for a bit of experimenting.



If you are a Taurus, we officially entered your season as of April 22, which means, over the next four weeks, you will have your birthday, and everything should be about you. Known for being reliable, patient, and devoted, Taureans are a lovely bunch. And, according to the SKYN Condoms Sex Survey, this caring nature extends to the bedroom. The study found that 28 percent of Taureans respondents said they faked orgasms. And who can blame them? Many of us have been there. But we should keep in mind that our pleasure is just as important as our partner's, so hopefully this Taurus season, the Taureans will have all the orgasms they deserve.


Whether you are a confident Leo getting ready to get your sext on, or contemplative Pisces who is considering broadening your horizons, the next four weeks should bring big things in the love lives of the whole zodiac. Happy Taurus season!