I Tried Glitter Concealer & It Completely Rocked

In beauty spheres, glitter has exploded back into fashion; it's been utilized in a plethora of products and is at the heart of plenty of beauty trends. Never one to miss an opportunity, I tried glitter concealer in everyday life. I'm a gal that loves glitter, unicorns, and rainbows, so whenever a sparkly beauty trend rears its magical head, I'm always up for giving it a trial run. When I discovered glitter concealer, I couldn't wait to give it a go.

For those in the dark, glitter concealer is exactly what it sounds like: Concealer created from glitter. Imagine camouflaging your dark under eye circles with a sprinkling of sparkle — you're disguising something you don't want to show off with something beautiful.

I've had my fair share of under eye circles caused by too many consecutive late nights, or an evening where I may have partied a little too hard. As I have pale skin, I feel that when I'm sporting under eye bags, they're pretty prominent due to their dark color, so I feel as if they stand out dramatically against my skin. All of that considered, I couldn't wait to make my under eye circles shine with a bit of glitz and glitter.

Inspo ‌

My inspiration came from Refinery29's Short Cuts series that showed a step-by-step guide on how to achieve glitter concealer. On their Facebook page, Short Cuts commented on the steps in more detail saying, "Steps:-Apply concealer to undereye area, -Pat loose chunky glitter on over concealer -Apply finer glitter on top, with brush."

It looked super easy to achieve and I had my glitter at the ready.


I began with a (almost) full face of makeup like the model in the Short Cuts video. I went for a natural look so that the focus would be on my ethereal concealer.

To start, I dabbed my concealer under my eyes as I usually would.

While the concealer was still moist, I used a makeup brush to apply specks of craft glitter onto my eye bags.

Working swiftly, I used a different brush to apply a much finer body glitter into the gaps.

I was prepared to take on the world with my hidden dark circles that were now glittering like there was no tomorrow!

Glitter Concealer IRL

Although my new look was a little OTT for everyday life, I was determined to make it work.

Considering I work from home, it was easy to wear glitter concealer to "the office," however, depending on how strict your work dress code is (if you have one) you might not be able to wear this quirky makeup look to work.

The only issue I found was the glitter particles reflected in my glasses, which caused a slight distraction every so often. Aside from this, I basically forgot I was wearing glitter concealer.

I was a little dubious about going out and about in my small hometown in England, but I actually really liked my new look and I thought it depicted my unicorn-loving, magic-believing personality rather well.

However, it was raining rather heavily outside and I was worried that my glitter would be washed off. But, I was test driving glitter concealer in everyday life, so I had to see how it fared in all different kinds of situations.

My first stop was a local coffee shop. I know the owners of this particular establishment and I also know most of their staff. I was greeted warmly and my look was almost immediately remarked upon. One member of staff commented on the rain and told me she thought my glitter look was appropriate as it resembled raindrops. The lady behind the counter told me she thought my glitter concealer brightened up the day. Lastly, the barista said, "I actually really like it!" It was a big thumbs up from the coffee shop.

After this, I made my way to the post office and I was treated as I usually am. I made my way to my local vegan store, where I know the owner. She said my glitter concealer was a lovely makeup look.

Next, I popped into a local beauty store on my way home and the cashier didn't mention anything. Throughout my trip, I was surprised how well my glitter stayed on in the wind and rain, but I did have my hood up which might have helped.

When my fiancé arrived home, he didn't comment on my new look. After verbally prodding him for a response — he's so used to me trying out wacky beauty trends that he's stopped commenting on them — he told me I looked like "a girly footballer" with glitter under my eyes instead of black stripes. I had to agree with him on that one.

My Thoughts On Glitter Concealer IRL

As predicted, I thoroughly enjoyed wearing glitter concealer in everyday life. Of course, I realize that not everybody would feel so comfortable wearing such an eye-catching look in day-to-day life. On the other hand, even if some people would love to wear glitter concealer everyday, their job or another factor in their life may dictate that they can't.

IMO, glitter concealer is the best. Being able to transform my unsightly under-eye circles into something beautiful (and whimsical) is wonderful fun. While I may not wear this look every day, I will definitely keep it in my beauty arsenal for mornings when it looks like I've arisen from the grave. I'd definitely like to give it a whirl on a night out too.

If glitter concealer is everything you wished for your under eye bags and more, add a little sparkle into your beauty routine — at the very least, it could certainly make your mornings brighter!

Images: Phoebe Waller