I Used A Crystal Pendulum To Predict 2019 & We Can Expect Some Good News Next Year

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I'm just a girl on a quest to make life as mystical and magical as I possibly can, so naturally, predicting 2019 using divination arts has been a major fixture on my end-of-year agenda. I'm a sucker for everything from astrology and Tarot to scrying and flame gazing, but weirdly, one divinatory art I hadn't dabbled with until recently was crystal pendulum dowsing. If you're not familiar, crystal pendulum dowsing is simply the act of using a crystal suspended from a chain to predict things, based on the direction it swings whilst you're holding it. The movements happen seemingly on their own: while you're holding the crystal by its chain with a steady hand, it will still change the direction it's swinging based on your thoughts and energy. I know, it sounds wild, but it's real: By focusing your thoughts on the pendulum, your muscles actually make nearly invisible micro-movements known as the ideomotor phenomenon that ends up moving the crystal. So, the belief behind crystal pendulum dowsing is that, if you get in touch with your subconscious and the spirit world, you can harness the power of the ideomotor phenomenon to actually converse with the spirit world through the crystal.

The first time I tried it, after establishing how it gave me "yes" and "no" answers — I did this by testing with some basic questions that I already knew the answer to, just to see if it made any sense, much like you'd ask someone taking a lie detector test questions like their name and age — I was super tripped out by how clear and accurate the responses were. And I know, I wasn't exactly investigating this thing using scientific-method-worthy rigor or anything, but seriously, the pendulum passed my "are you real" pop quiz with flying colors. Naturally, being the seeker/"I want to believe"-er that I am, I was hooked from that point forth. Like, I haven't even done any post-holiday shopping yet because I've spent so much time with my crystal pendulum. That's where I'm at.

So, with a shiny new year on the very quickly-approaching horizon, I figured: What better time to turn to my trusty pendulum for some spiritual advice, as well as some predictions on general 2019 matters that we all need to know about? I mean, I have some questions and some concerns. Because 2018 has been such a complete and utter mess, I'm now officially nervous for any and all things to come. The past year really scarred me! Hopefully this experiment brings us all comfort and not just more anxiety, but we'll see.

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Obviously, all of us are going to have different years ahead, sprinkled with good, bad, and everything in between. But in this experiment, I'm looking to channel the universe's energy to get us an overall 2019 forecast that we can all count on. I made sure to ask all my advice-related questions in the collective sense, so that the answers apply to us humans on the whole and not any one individual. I got your back, guys. We're doin' this right.

And just so you have all the nitty, gritty, crystalline details, I used a basic cut crystal pendulum made of clear quartz for this session. I'm obsessed with this stone for dowsing work because its energy is super clear and easy to work with. I just wanted something simple through which I could easily channel my own energy or someone else's — and because clear quartz is a great conductor and amplifier of energies, it's perfect for this. I also saged the heck out of myself, the pendulum, and my workspace before I started, so the vibes were cleaned up reeeal nice.

So, off we go down the 2019 predictions rabbit hole! I put together a list of highly important questions — part mystical, new age-y life advice questions (a.k.a. my kryptonite), and part just need to know questions about the state of things in 2019. Will the new Game Of Thrones book actually happen? Is the apocalypse nigh? What moon phase are we going to align with most in 2019? Possibly accurate answers to these and many other questions below, based on what the crystal told me. Enjoy!

Question #1: Will 2019 Be At Least OK?

Yeah you guys, I'm starting small. Low expectations, you feel me? Like, "just OK" is better than "total pile of garbage," and even a mediocre year would be an upgrade for us as a collective at this point. I suppose that's the upside of just having lived through 2018.

But of course, even with an opening question as humble as this, we had to start out shaky. Ugh. The pendulum appeared to start answering with a "no" (stress!!!!!), but then it started moving all over the place which to me, usually indicates that I need to rephrase the question. I did, and I was relieved to see it answer with a very strong yes. 2019 WILL BE AT LEAST OK. Never thought we'd all be so excited for an "OK," but that's what 2018 will do to ya!

But Like, For Real... Is 2019 Going To Be An Awful Year?

Because of the mishap with the earlier question, I was feeling less than confident at this point and needed some further clarification. It's unusual for things to start out shaky like that, so yeah, nerves kicked in, and I just needed to know for sure: Is 2019 going to be another TRASH GARBAGE year?

According to the pendulum, no. IT'S A NO. Phew. We can chill. Let's move on.

What Moon Phase Should We Align With In 2019?

Now that we know 2019 will be... not bad, at least, we can move onto using the pendulum for what it's really good at: Witchy spiritual guidance. If there's one thing we can solidly count on in 2019, it's the the moon and its ever-cycling phases — and as a total moon baby, I had to know what moon phase energy we should collectively align with in the new year. For this, I grabbed cards from the Moon Journal's Mini Moon Deck for help, and laid out the full and new moon cards to see which the pendulum said yes to.

Aaaaaand.... new moon energy it is! I know full moons get most of the glitter n' shine, but new moons are actually my favorite because they represent the beginning of a new lunar phase, and are the perfect energy for a fresh start. Super into this for 2019.

And after getting a yes for new moon, I laid out cards for the different phases within the new moon's cycle to get even more specific clarity. The pendulum vibed with both the first quarter and gibbous moon phases, which represent action and trust, respectively.

Which Direction's Energy Should We Call Upon in 2019?

There are different spiritual meanings associated with every direction (North, South, East, West), so I thought it would be cool to see where the pendulum led me direction-wise. I calibrated my iPhone compass and set it on the table I was working at facing due North. Then I hung the pendulum over the compass and let it do its work.

North East was the area of the compass that the pendulum continually gravitated toward when I asked what directional energy we should call on in 2019. In the Four Directions model, North represents the element of Earth and focuses on tradition, while East represents the element of air and embodies observation and rationality. Combined, this could be interpreted as asking us to examine tradition through a rational, observational lens in the coming year, or perhaps to simply call on these qualities when considering things in our own lives. According to Symbolic Meanings, directions can also represent states of time in many divination arts. North represents infinite possibility while East represents the future — which, paired together, gives me a super positive, anything-is-possible vibe for the new year.

What Element Should We Call Upon In 2019?

I know, we're really going down the new age rabbit hole now. Bear with me. For this question, I drew out the alchemical symbols for the four elements on a piece of a paper, as a sort of road map for the crystal pendulum.

And the winner is... AIR! Air energy is highly intellectual, fab at communication, idealistic yet balanced, and overall good at thinking things through and being objective. This very much aligns with the directional energy we got from the North East (with East representing air), so I think we're being told to really call on our airy, intellectual sides in the coming year as we figure things out. If you want to align this with astrology, you can totally look at the areas of the zodiac chart ruled by the air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) for more guidance.

Love, Career, Travel: What's Hot (And Not) In 2019?

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Gotta cover these basics, ya know? For this series of questions, I phrased each to say "Is it in our best interest to collectively prioritize [career, love, travel]?" in an attempt to make it apply to all of us. Here we go:

Careers: Yes. 2019 is going to be a big year for many when it comes to our life paths, according to the pendulum, and we should prioritize our career goals over the coming year. Definitely set some New Year's goals around money, your new business, going for that job you want — whatever steps you need to take to make your career dreams realized. Big boss 2019!

Love: No. Ugh, sad, but apparently 2019 is not the time to prioritize love. I was a little emo about that response, but I guess it's OK — it doesn't mean ~true love~ isn't on the horizon for anyone, of course. I interpret this response to mean that our energies may simply be better spent prioritizing other areas of our lives in the coming year.

Travel: Yes. Woo! Not at all surprised by this response though. With good-luck planet Jupiter in the travel-happy, on-the-go sign of Sagittarius through Dec. 2019, this year is a fantastic time to travel — and the pendulum has confirmed it. Consider this a green light from the universe to plan that trip and splurge.

Is Climate Change Going To Cause A Straight-Up Apocalypse During 2019?

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Given that some people in charge of things in the U.S. don't believe that climate change is real despite literally thousands of renowned scientists begging otherwise, I feel this is a low-key rational fear. Thankfully, though, the pendulum claims we'll have at least another year of apocalypse-free living, because it gave me a NO. That's something, right?

Will The New Game Of Thrones Book Finally Come Out In 2019?

We've clearly left the spiritual guidance portion of this program behind, and have moved on to other (arguably more important, depending on who you talk to) topics of interest. People have been eagerly and impatiently awaiting the new Game of Thrones book, The Winds of Winter, for like, ever now. And while I don't read the books or even religiously watch the show, I wanted to do humanity a solid and find out the truth. Should you guys hold your breath for this dang book in 2019? Or must you swallow your excitement for yet another year and let George R. R. Martin take his sweet time on the matter?

SURPRISE: THE PENDULUM SAYS YES! I'm honestly shocked, because if I had to predict based on instinct alone, I'd have said no — but if the pendulum is to be trusted, maybe it's safe to start getting your hopes up after all. But please, don't come for me if this is wrong, OK? I'm not making any promises — I'm just doing the best divination work I can for you here.

Will Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Have Twins In 2019?

This is for all my royal family fans out there. Is Meghan Markle pregnant with royal twins? Nope, according to the crystal pendulum. Royal baby is going to be singular. Or maybe they'll have triplets — I guess I didn't specify — but the pendulum definitely said no to twins, so we at least have that confirmation. I didn't want to spoil everything for the royal couple though, so I'll let you wait along with everyone else to find out if they'll be having a boy or a girl. It's good to let life lead you to surprises sometimes.

Is Iron Man Going To Die In Avengers: End Game?

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead! Considering the trailer for Avengers: End Game was released this month broke a record for the number of views it received in 24 hours, I figured this was a relevant question. And unfortunately, according to the crystal: Yes, Iron Man might die in Avengers: End Game. Emotionally prepare yourself.

All in all, it sounds like we may actually have a decent year ahead, spiritually and otherwise. I guess we'll have to wait a full year to find out if my predictions were even remotely accurate or if I need to throw away my pendulum once and for all, but I'm feeling pretty confident about everything — and pretty stoked for what's to come. If this whole post only left you with more 2019 questions that you're dying to know the answers to, you can always try some crystal pendulum dowsing for yourself and see what you find out. Cheers to the new year!