Ruby Rose Just Dyed Her Hair Blue, Proving The Shade Is This Year's Rose Gold

Hollywood is certainly not short on trends. Whether it's the dad sneaker that celebrities have embraced or the fact that everyone seems to have gotten a long bob within the past two years, when a trend hits Hollywood, they go hard. Now, ice blue hair seems to be the new it hair color for the stars, and people are are starting to embrace it in droves.

In case you missed hadn't heard, celebrities like to change their hair. Shocking, right? No so much. From the Kardashian family's myriad of length and color changes to popular celebrity men going platinum blond (here's looking at your Chris Messina and Zac Efron), something is in the water in the world of celebrities, and this time it seems to be icy blue hair.

In fact, some of the biggest names in the world of the stars have switched up their hair colors to try out the blue trends, and while not all of them stuck with the color for the long term, they've certainly given it a spin. Honestly, though, if you had a team who could transition your locks seamlessly from color to color and style to style, why not? For the moment, that transition is to blue.

According to PopSugar, Ruby Rose is the latest celebrity to take the plunge into ice blue hair. On Thursday, she posted a pensive image of herself to Instagram say goodbye to 2018 and welcoming 2019. Apparently, she's decided to welcome in the new year with a new 'do as well.

Rose has always kind of been a hair chameleon. In fact, in just the past few months, she's been both brunette and platinum blond. Now, however, she's gone icy blue, and it's so good.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Of course, who could forget Lady Gaga's matching blue hair and blue gown at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards? The A Star Is Born actor stunned attendees and viewers with gorgeous blue highlights in her now signature platinum blonde hair. While the look was gone at the Critics Choice Awards, it was such a good look while it lasted.

Another celebrity that's gone blue recently? Taehyung of BTS. The singer from the wildly popular Korean boy band surprised fans when he chose to switch up his hair color to a gorgeous blue. Of course, fans of BTS will know that he's not only in rocking blue hair. His bandmate Jimini had the color back in October.

Of course, no hair trend would be complete without the Kardashians. Honestly, love them or hate them, they know how to embrace a trend. Just a few weeks ago, Kylie Jenner hopped on the blue hair trend. Although, honestly, Jenner could be the progenitor of the blue hair wave thanks to her iconic blue ombre from 2014. Was Jenner the first person to color her hair blue? Of course not, but in the age of social media, she could very well be the first one to make it go viral.

Back in December, she embraced blue hair again. While it was her full head of hair and not an ombre, it didn't last long, but it was SO Jenner.

Then, there's Jenner older sister Kim Kardashian. Back in 2017, Kardashian chose to rock blue hair just like her sister. In fact, Kardashian matched her hair to her outfit in a major monochromatic moment for the KKW Beauty owner.

Finally, there's the lovable and fierce Cardi B. The rapper went blue in mid-2018 and showcased her hair when hanging out with Kardashian and Kris Jenner. Cardi, however, wasn't participating in a trend at the time (even though she ended up being part of it now). The I Like It Like That rapper dyed her hair to match her Lamborghini.

If you've ever thought about going blue, now may just be the time. It seems as though you'll be in good company.