Idris Elba Just Revealed The Utterly Adorable Nickname His Daughter Has For Him

by Aoife Hanna
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Idris Elba wears a lot of hats. Both figuratively and literally. In terms of figuratively, the talented Brit is an ace actor, DJ, occasional rapper, husband, and top-shelf dad. And, yeah, also he looks really, really good in hats. Beanies, bucket hats, baseball hats, even a trilby. The man can make a trilby not look naff. Which is an absolute miracle. However, this time round it's his daddy duties that are making fans all gooey inside. Because Idris Elba's tribute to his daughter is all the love and support that any girl could dream of from her dad.

Isan Elba is often photographed with her father both on social media and in the press. This latest photo comes from Idris' Instagram account and, in it, the pair of them look happy as a pair of clams. Idris is, natually, looking rather resplendent in a beanie (see above). And, even more impressive, he is rocking this beanie while seemingly being in New York City in the summer time. And, having formerly lived in NYC let me tell you, that is no mean feat. Not since Black Eyed Peas' recent European tour photos of them in beanies and hoodies on stage during a heatwave have I been quite so impressed.

The photo of the happy pair, as I mentioned before, was taken in NYC and is captioned with all the love for a man so good at dad-ing that he names himself twice.

"Dad Dad loves you @isanelba ..you’re my ❤️#NYC"

Yes, Idris goes by Dad Dad. Wild innit? Isan obviously responded "I love you too" because I mean, how could you not?

Isan is the eldest child of Idris, and her mother is the actor's ex wife, Hanne Kim Norgaard. Isan became well known across the world when she got the role as Golden Globes ambassador. Speaking to Glamour at the time, Isan explained that her parents were the ones that put her forward for the role:

"I didn't even know there was a submission process. But I'm really glad [my parents] did it, because I feel like this way I'm jumping right into it and just being me. If I had known, I would have looked it up a lot more and it wouldn’t have been as authentic."

Ahead of the award ceremony, Isan opened up about her mother Norgaard's mental health struggles. She explained that learning to understand her mum's mental health has made her very passionate about supporting mental health charities. The Sun reported that she even donated her £40,000 pay cheque from the Golden Globes role to mental health charity the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation.

Although Idris and Isan always manage a lot of quality time together, this time round Dad Dad has been as busy as a bee promoting his latest film Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.

Hobbs and Shaw have been famously trying to take each other down since the seventh instalment of the frantic franchise. However, this time round they are coming together in order to beat bad guy Brixton, who is played by Idris.

Not only is Idris promoting this hit film, but the star also took to his Instagram account to big up his role in the new Cats film. OK, maybe the less said about that the better.