If Couples Say They Don’t Do These 7 Creepy Things In Private, They’re Lying

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If you and your partner have a few funny habits — you know, those odd things you do when hanging out and relaxing at home — know that you're definitely not alone. Pretty much every couple has a few funny, weird, or even slightly "creepy" things they do behind closed doors. And the fact none of us want to admit to them is completely OK.

"In some cases, it’s because the activity is regarded as 'gross,' while other times it might just invite social judgment," Jonathan Bennett, relationship and dating expert at Double Trust Dating, tells Bustle. Since we aren't talking about our quirks 24/7, we tend to think we're alone in our weirdness. In reality, though, it's completely common to have an odd habit or two.

If you're popping each other's pimples, or talking to each other whilst you pee, it can even be a sign of a healthy relationship. After all, "it’s difficult and exhausting to try to impress your partner all the time," Bennett says. "Being able to let loose and be yourself is a sign of a deeper relationship." Sure, you might not announce these things to you friends. But funny little habits can be a sign of a true level of comfort in your relationship. Here are a few of the most common things all couples do — even if they won't admit it.


Popping Each Other's Pimples

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The moment a couple gets comfortable with one another, the chances they'll start grooming each other might skyrocket. "From popping zits to pulling out a stray hair to wiping mucus from an eye, couples will frequently groom each other in private (and maybe even public)," Bennett says.

And really, how can you not? "Once you’re close to another person, bodily issues don’t seem as gross," Bennett says. And they may even be a sign of how comfortable you are with each other.

"This grooming can often be a private source of play, which only takes place when the couple is alone," relationship counselor Julienne B. Derichs, LCPC, tells Bustle. "Couples aren't as playful with each other in public, as they often are in private." Which is why you may never guess this is a "thing."


Walking Around Naked

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Be honest; how often do you and your partner walk around the house naked? If you're like many other couples, you likely "spend a good deal of time around each other without clothes," Bennett says. "It’s not even sexy; it’s just practical and comfortable."

Many couples sleep naked, and walk around nude after a shower. And some even hang out that way while watching TV. Even though it may seem odd to others, it's actually completely common. So just do you.


Cracking Each Other's Knuckles

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While they might not admit it, some couples crack each other's knuckles, back, neck, etc. And that's because, while it's satisfying to crack your own knuckles, it's often "even more satisfying when your partner does it," Bennett says.

So if you've ever hoisted your partner up to pop their back, or grabbed their hand to crack their joints, consider yourselves in good company.


Chatting While Peeing

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Couples aren't often keen to talk about their bathroom habits. And yet, it's not uncommon for super close duos to follow each other into the bathroom to talk while the other pees. Others may talk through the crack in the open door, or use the bathroom while their partner is showering.

And as long as everyone's cool with it, there's nothing wrong with "invading" each other's privacy in this way. As Bennett says, "Sometimes nature and your partner call at the same time."


Sharing A Bath

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Hopping in the shower at the same time is one thing, but it's also not uncommon for couples to share a bath. And hey, why not? "Some couples like to take showers or baths together," psychic and spiritual counselor Davida Rappaport tells Bustle. It may be a way of relaxing, or grooming each other, or even having a bonding moment.


Swapping Clothes

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If you've ever pulled on your partner's dirty old sweatshirt, then you know all about the joys of sharing clothes — even if they are smelly, wrinkled, or not anything you'd consider wearing out in public.

It's very common for "couples ... to try on each other’s clothes in private," Rappaport says. "This is not something that they want anyone to know about." Possibly for personal reasons. But it certainly does happen, and that's more than OK.


Feeding Each Other

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As therapist Kimberly Hershenson, LMSW tells Bustle, it's not uncommon for couples to feed each other whilst in the privacy of their own home. And again, it's all because "couples often feel more comfortable when alone and in private," she says. "They can let their guard down and be themselves." And sometimes, that means forking spaghetti into each other's mouths.

Even though these habits may seem strange — and they may not be something you'd ever do in public or in front of friends — they're all completely natural. And, often a sign of a very happy, comfy relationship.