If You Showed Up For The Women's March, You Need To Support Pride

Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As Pride 2017 NYC— and around the world— approaches, it's time to start thinking about celebrating and showing your support. And I'm not just talking to those of us who are LGBTQ. I'm talking about everyone. Queer folks and allies need to come out together for this Pride. And if you celebrated the Women's March, it's time to get out and support each other again during Pride month.

One of the best things about the Women's March was the inclusion. It wasn't just about D.C., or even the major cities. For example, there was the Million Women's Voices online movement. "The idea hit me after talking to some consumers who didn't feel engaged in the march in D.C. because they couldn't afford flights or hotel," Wildfang CEO Emma McIlroy, one of the creators, tells Bustle. "We decided to create a place where, no matter how much money you had or the color of your skin, you could share your thoughts and feelings as we approach this historic moment in time. ... We want it to become a record of how the nation felt, how women from all backgrounds felt when we elected a racist, sexist, xenophobic, bigoted president."

It was amazing, it was moving — but we can't let the momentum stop. Because standing up for women means standing up for all women. And it means doing it whenever it matters. The feminist community has long been criticized for not being as supportive of its minority and queer sisters — and that's a major problem. Because supporting women means being there. At Black Lives Matter, for Transgender Visibility Day, for Pride. Being a political, responsible woman means showing the eff up.

We Need It Now More Than Ever

Seriously. This is the year to get your sh*t together and support Pride, even if you never have before. We have a vice president with links to gay conversation therapy initiatives and a president who has only made efforts to roll back rights for LGBTQ folks during his time in office. He hasn't even acknowledged that it's Pride month. And although it may seem like Pride is just about big parades and glitter — and, I mean, the glitter is great — it's also so much more meaningful than that. It's about showing your support, identifying yourself as a supporter, and a lending a listening ear. It's about putting in the time.

You can't be there for women's rights without stepping up for vulnerable women when they need it most. Queer women are under a specific set of pressures and subject to ridicule, harassment, and in some cases, violence. Everything you marched for in the Women's March, all of those struggles are there, but with a whole extra layer of new ones. The LGBTQ community needs your support.

Pride may have not been your thing in the past — maybe there isn't even a march in your area this month — but this year is the time to get involved and make it your thing. If there's not a parade or event around you, there are still so many ways to get involved. And, if you're at a loss, just reach out to someone who you think could use the support. Participating in Pride can mean a lot of different things — but you need to step up.