Kim K Teased Her Next KKW Beauty Release & It's A Staple For A Sharp Contour

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Kim Kardashian's beauty empire is expanding. No, she's not launching more crystal-themed fragrances, but she is crafting all-new products for KKW Beauty. The reality television star turned cosmetics creator teased not one but two new products on Snapchat. From the looks of it, there seems to be a KKW setting powder joining the previously known KKW concealers.

Kardashian has been teasing concealers for quite some time now. She's previously talked about them in interviews, but now she officially showcased them on Snapchat. With her signature blocky packaging, the concealers definitely have the look of a KKW product. As friend and makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic applied the product, Kardashian exclaimed, "New product alert."

However, it's not the only time she said the phrase in her Snapchat video. Savvy viewers may have also noticed Dedivanovic causally baking Kardashian's face using a pressed powder. While this certainly could have been any brand's product, during the process Kardashian yet again look directly at the camera and declared, "New product alert."

Clearly, Kardashian seems to be taking her love of contour and highlight to the next level thanks to the (hopefully) new KKW setting powder. After all, it is a staple product if you want the cleanest contour out there.

Kim Kardashian/Snapchat

From the images posted to Snapchat, fan only know a few things. One is that the powder seems to be translucent. The choice to do a colorless powder makes perfect sense as it would fit the most skin tones. There is, of course, always the chance that there could be multiple shades, and this is only the one Kardashian uses on herself.

Kim Kardashian/Snapchat

As for the new product's use, Dedivanovic is both baking under Kardashian's under eyes and further carving out Kardashian's cheekbones by applying it underneath her contour. Clearly, Kardashian is holding on to her title as the Queen of Contour with this latest release.

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

While the pair didn't officially debut the product, there was another hint that it's coming up next for the brand, and that's the preview of the packaging. In the corner of the Snapchat video above, you can see what is clearly block-shaped packaging with a sifter commonly used on loose powders. Then, of course, there's the classic nude lid beside it. The packaging certainly looks suspiciously like a KKW product.

As of press time, however, there has been no true confirmation of a KKW Beauty loose powder. That doesn't mean one isn't coming, though. The Ultra Light Beam Highlighters and Glosses from KKW Beauty basically flew under the radar until Kardashian began to tease them herself.

If you've been looking for the perfect baking powder, KKW Beauty may have just created it.

While KKW Beauty certainly seems to be complexion focused at the moment, don't forget that she's got more in the way. On her app, Kardashian revealed that the KKW Beauty product she's most looking forward to in 2018 isn't powder or concealer, it's lipstick. Get ready to get a perfect nude lip courtesy of Kardashian and her eponymous beauty brand.

Whether it's Kardashian's defined contour or her classic nude lip that you love, KKW Beauty is probably about to make your dreams come true. Now, it's only a matter of waiting, marking your calendar for the launch date, and keeping your fingers crossed that you snag a loose powder before they're all gone.