Alexis Has Plenty Of Fish In The Sea After 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Paul Hebert/ABC

As much as Bachelor Nation seems to love Alexis Waters — well, except maybe Jack Stone after she tried to feed him a dead hot tub crab — the Jersey girl has no luck when it comes to going on dates on The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise. With Alexis going home on Bachelor In Paradise on Aug. 29 without ever going on a date, everyone's favorite dolphin didn't find love yet again. She'll absolutely be missed since her spirited antics added a sense of fun to the show — even though she got a bit harsh with Christen's scallop finger story. (What's up with Alexis and shellfish?? Well, she has made it obvious that she's a dolphin.) And it looks like Alexis is single after Bachelor In Paradise, but that doesn't mean that she isn't still having a good time just like you'd expect her to be doing.

Alexis frequently pops up in photos on other members of Bachelor Nation's Instagram accounts. So while she is crying about leaving Mexico, it is probably more about leaving her friends, like Jasmine, than being upset about not finding love or going on a date. After all, Jasmine and Alexis may have been the best couple to ever hit Bachelor In Paradise as the self-proclaimed queen and princess.

While Alexis is still extremely involved with her Bachelor Nation people on social media, there's no evidence of her dating anyone from the franchise — or anyone else for that matter. Wells often posts about her, but it seems that these two are just friends who love to party together.

And I am 100 percent Wells' idea that they share Bachelor hosting duties together while Chris Harrison attempts to find love.

With Wells presumably just being friends with Alexis, that leaves her open to date other people. And based on her Twitter commentary of MTV's Video Music Awards, she's got a thing for musicians.

So although Paradise won't be the same without Alexis, the world is her oyster when it comes to dating outside of the show — just nobody take her on a date anywhere with scallops.