Ariana Grande Has Missed The Teen Choice Awards Before, But She Could Be There This Year

by Kristie Rohwedder
Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ready the surfboard wax and the prediction ballots, because the 2019 Teen Choice Awards are just around the corner. If you happen to be an Arianator who wants to know if Ariana Grande will be at the Teen Choice Awards this year, I'm in the same boat. (Er, on the same surfboard?) To the wild waters of the internet I go.

When reporting the news regarding Taylor Swift receiving the Teen Choice Awards’ first Icon Award back in July, The Hollywood Reporter mentioned that she "will be joined by fellow artists at the awards ceremony, such as Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and BLACKPINK, all of whom are nominated for multiple awards in the music categories.” However, Fox’s press release about Swift’s accolade did not include Grande’s name in its list of celebrities who are set to attend. That doesn't mean she won't go. It just means the network didn't make an official announcement about whether or not she'll go.

Ari is not scheduled to perform at the show, but she is up for five surfboard trophies, which basically guarantees she was invited. However, just because the pop powerhouse is nominated for Choice Female Artist, Choice Song: Female Artist (“7 Rings”), Choice Pop Song (“Thank U, Next”), Choice Summer Tour, and Choice Fandom, that does not mean she definitely will attend. In past years, she went when she was nominated, and she also skipped the show when she was nominated. All bets are off?

The Teen Choice Awards will take place on Aug. 11, which is six days before Grande begins the European leg of her tour, and one week after the first North American leg ended. While the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards are sandwiched between two of Ari’s European tour dates, the Teen Choice Awards just so happen to fall on a day that does not interfere with her tour schedule. So if she felt like spending one of her evenings off at an award show? She technically could, but that does not necessarily mean she will.

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All this brings us to what Grande tweeted (and did not tweet) when a fan asked her about the MTV Video Music Awards. After the 2019 VMA nominations were released, someone asked the former Sam & Cat actor if she will be at the event. She told the fan that she has shows in the UK the day before and the day after, implying that she most likely won’t be able to make it to the VMAs. A second fan chimed in to point out that she’s actually going to be in Paris the day after the VMAs, to which Ari replied, “my b.”

Here’s where the plot thickens: When another fan jumped into the thread and asked the singer if she plans to go to the Teen Choice Awards, Grande did not respond. Now, maybe she did not see this question, or maybe she just did not feel like replying. Either one of those scenarios is reasonable and realistic. But this is Ariana "Queen of Responding to Fans' Questions on Twitter" Grande-Butera, and it is incredibly tempting to read into her suddenly stepping away from this particular thread. Does she have a surprise in store for us? Was she not sure if she's going to go? Or is it really nothing more than she missed this question/didn't get a chance to reply and we're making a mountain out of one of Toulouse's droppings?

Sigh. I suppose we won't really know the answers until the 2019 Teen Choice Awards happen on Sunday.