The ColourPop Disney Designer Collection Is Finally Out — And It's Going FAST

In case you hadn't heard, there's no Disney beauty on the market, and this time it's not just Disney-themed. ColourPop's Disney Designer Collection is the affordable, high quality Disney beauty products you've been longer for, and if you're a fan of some of the studio's most famous princesses, this set of products will blow your Minnie Mouse covered socks off. Is the collection sold out, though? If you're a fan of ColourPop and Disney, it's time to start crossing those fingers.

Just in case you hadn't heard, ColourPop launched a collaboration with Disney in honor of the studio's Disney Designer Dolls collection. The set of dolls feature six iconic princesses in couture fashions designed after their character. If you're going to craft fashionable dolls, you'll certainly need to create makeup that's just as good. That's where ColourPop comes in. The brand has created a range of products inspired by the Disney princesses and their new looks, and these goodies look so incredible.

Clearly, a lot of other people thought so, too. While the entire collection isn't quite sold out, both of the bundled sets (which included all of the products) have sold out as well as all of the individual lipstick colors and highlighters.

Don't get discouraged just yet. The ColourPop Disney Design palette, two of the glosses, and all of the Super Shock Shadows are still up for grabs. As for the rest of the collection, it's gone, and ColourPop has said that these babies are, unfortunately, limited edition. Before your heart is broken and you have to have a few mouse friends to come console you, get excited because ColourPop knows what their fans want, and they're committed to bringing it to them.

According to a Twitter reply from the brand, the ColourPop Disney Designer Collection is restocking! If you missed out on the sold out products during the initial launch on Friday, Sept. 28, keep wishing on that star because the collection will, in fact, have a restock that only your ColourPop fairy godmother could make happen.

As for the date of the ColourPop Disney Designer Collection restock, there's been no word from the brand. However, on social media, they are telling their fans to be patient as they're working on it, and the date will be revealed soon.

It seems to be a good thing that the brand is restocking because social media is in love with this Disney collection. From the lipsticks to the shadows, people can't wait to get their hands on all of it.

Even those who weren't able to buy everything they wanted are stoked.

Those who were able to purchase the full set can wipe their tears away just like Lottie.

Honestly, it's not wonder the collection so out so quickly. People were amped to get their hands on it.

If you weren't able to shop every piece you wanted from ColourPop's Disney Designer Collection, don't worry. Your ColourPop fairy godmother's got you. Keep your eyes peeled for that restock date.