You Don't Have To Be A Princess To Afford ColourPop's Incredible Disney Collection

ColourPop is a pro at collaborations. From their work with actor Karrueche Tran to their collab with gurus like MakeupShayla, the brand can craft a partnership like no other. Now, the ColourPop Disney Designer collection has fans of both the brand and the studio counting down the days until they can officially get their hands on the Disney princess-themed makeup.

If you missed the good news last week (which is totally possible since there's been no shortage of new launches), you may not have heard the initial announcement that ColourPop has teamed up with Disney in an official capacity to craft a entire princess-themed collection. The new ColourPop Disney Designer collection between the brand and the studio is in honor of Disney's new Premiere Series Dolls.

Unlike traditional recreations of the classic princesses, these new dolls are featured in couture designs based on their original attire and their films' release dates. Hence, the fashionable look of the princesses on the ColourPop Disney Designer packaging. If fashion forward princesses and ColourPop products sound like a match made in Disney heaven, they you're in luck because the new collection is coming at you on Sept. 28, and the best news is that you don't have to be a princess to afford this range.

Since its inception, ColourPop has been known for crafting quality products at inexpensive prices. From their iconic Ultra Matte Lips to their new creations like jelly eyeshadows and complexion products, the brand won't break the bank, and that's not changing just because they've paired up with such an iconic partner.

How much are the items in the collection? Good news! ColourPop has already added every single item to their website giving you a sneak peek at the products as well as a way to plan out your budget to purchase the limited edition set of products. After all, nothing is worth missing your rent payment.

Courtesy of ColourPop

According to ColourPop's website, the first thing you need to know is that, yes, you can buy the entire collection as a bundle, and you can do so in two different ways. If you'd like the collector's PR box, it'll cost you $120, but if you simply want the products without the packaging, it'll reduce the cost to $110.

As for the products individually? If you've shopped ColourPop in the past, the prices won't be a surprise. All of the bullet lipsticks in the collection are set to retail for $7, the same price as their non-Disney counterparts. The same is true of the Super Shock Shadows in the collection which will cost only $5. The same can be said for the Super Shock Highlighters and Ultra Glossy Lips will will retain their pricing at $8 and $6 respectively.

While the ColourPop Disney Designer Collection may be an incredible moment for the brand, it hasn't changed anything about their pricing. Like always, ColourPop is bringing affordable, quality products to their fans. This time, they're doing it with Disney and making sure you don't have to be a princess to afford this collection.