Dominique Still Has Close Ties To 'The Bachelor' Alums After ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

by Danielle Jackson
Rick Rowell/ABC

Dominique didn't stay in The Bachelor mansion for too long when she was among the many ladies who were vying for Nick Viall's heart. But her presence on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise obviously means that she was open to trying to find her person one more time. So is Dominique single after Bachelor in Paradise? According to her social media accounts, it looks like the Bachelor alum may not have been lucky finding love in paradise, but what Dominique did find is a few close friendships with her fellow cast members that probably best any romantic relationship.

During her very short run on Season 21 of The Bachelor, Dominique developed some insanely close friendships with a handful of the show's other contestants like Jasmine Goode, Alexis Waters, Raven Gates, and the most recent Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay. None of the ladies walked away with the final rose from Nick Viall, but they did manage to walk away with bonds with each that appear to be unbreakable. A quick look at all of these ladies' Instagram pages will show just how often the group gets together to show just how strong their friendships are.

Dominique's most recent photo with the gang was posted over Labor Day weekend, and it just happens to be from what appears to have been an outing with her BiP castmates to celebrate the rumored engagement of Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth. Among everyone present — like Dominique's girl squad, DeMario Jackson, and the happy couple themselves — there didn't appear to be anyone else who was linked romantically to any other cast member.

She also appears to have attended another event with her Bachelor besties recently. Herself, Taylor, Jasmine, and Danielle Maltby attended the Fab Fit Fun Summer House event and, judging by the photo she shared to social media, it looked like she had another awesome time with her best friends by her side. If she isn't dating anyone, at least it's good to know that she can get by with the close friendships she has, right?

Dominique has been a little more lucky in her time on BiP than she was on The Bachelor, as she was sent home in the third episode of the latter. While in Paradise, she had her sights set on Diggy after a very promising date with the former Bachelorette contestant early on in the season. But there's no real evidence on either of the two's social media accounts that show's that they've kept in touch (at least, romantically) after the show. It's hard to tell right now since the show is still airing, but there will probably be some good info on the status of their relationship given out during the reunion special this week.

Until then, you'll just have to wait it out to find out what Dominique's real relationship status is. While you wait, you can snoop around on her Instagram feed and wish you had a girl squad like she does.