‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ Fans May Not Have Seen The Last Of This Heroic Character


Spoilers for all of A Series Of Unfortunate Events Season 2 follow. While viewers are familiar with the primary Snicket in the Baudelaires' story, Season 2 introduces a new Snicket into the mix. Lemony's brother Jacques (Nathan Fillion) shows up, but his story — quite unfortunately — doesn't last long. Jacques Snicket is dead on A Series Of Unfortunate Events, after Count Olaf kills him in "The Vile Village: Part One." Yet, even with Lemony's constant warnings of tragedy, it's hard to believe that Fillion's character could be gone so soon. If you're searching for answers, book spoilers can give you some insight into Jacques' fate. But you might not be satisfied with the answer

Although pretty much nothing good happens to Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire — and the series makes it be very clear that nothing ever will — you may still retain an unwarranted sense of optimism. And Jacques is a perfect example of why viewers might still be hopeful. Fillion's righteous character comes onto the scene in the episodes based on The Austere Academy and saves Larry Your Waiter with his trusty taxi. He then joined forces with the librarian Olivia Caliban to not only teach her the ways of the V.F.D., but to attempt to save the Baudelaire and Quagmire children. So even though it is under dire circumstances that he finally meets Violet, Klaus, and Sunny at the Village Of Fowl Devotees, the prospect of them joining forces is a relief.


However, that feeling of contentment does not last long. After the Village Of Fowl Devotees sentences Jacques to death because they believe he is Count Olaf, Violet comes up with a plan to help Jacques escape from prison. But before she can free him, Count Olaf takes matters into his own hands and kills Jacques (you just know Dr. Horrible is somewhere maniacally laughing) since the two men apparently have a long history through the real V.F.D. — the Volunteer Fire Department. And as if seeing Lemony narrate his brother's death isn't bad enough, Olaf as Detective Dupin then frames the Baudelaires for the murder.

Violet, Klaus, and Sunny are sentenced to death for the murder of Count Olaf (who was really Jacques) and while they manage to escape, the same can't be said for Jacques, who appears to actually be dead. As it's a kid-friendly show, the murder doesn't occur on screen, but Jacques' presumably dead body is shown as it's being wheeled away. And later, Olivia sadly tells the children, "And Jacques — well, he's not coming back either." So it seems safe to assume that another V.F.D. member with helpful information for the Baudelaires is truly deceased.


In the books, Jacques' character is not as significant to the Baudelaires' tale as it is in the Netflix show, but his fate is the same with Olaf murdering him at the Village Of Fowl Devotees. So the only hope that fans can have for Jacques to return alive is if the TV series makes a significant departure from the books. Netflix's A Series Of Unfortunate Events has already proven that it isn't afraid to stray from its source material, so it could be possible that somehow Jacques returns from the dead — but it's not very likely.

Yet, that doesn't mean you'll never see Fillion's Jacques again. Even after his death in Season 2, the Baudelaires see him through secret V.F.D. tapes. And through those recordings, he gives Violet, Klaus, and Sunny the idea that one of their parents could still be alive. Because as the series notes, no one "will never disappear, as long as there are noble, well-read people to take up the torch." So even if Jacques isn't resurrected in Season 3, he will live on through the noble and well-read Baudelaire children.