Lily Allen Just Debuted A HUGE Hair Change & We Are SHOOK

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Since Lily Allen shot to fame in 2006, she has rocked some seriously unique hairstyles. Ranging from her usual black locks to peroxide blonde and even blue, the 33-year-old is now trying out a new shade: hot pink. Considering fellow celebrity Kylie Jenner's love of colourful wigs, people are beginning to wonder is Lily Allen's pink hair real or the work of a very well-hidden wig?

Allen is currently celebrating the release of her new album, No Shame. The singer first debuted pink hair earlier this year, reverting back to blonde before once again opting for the bubblegum hue.

But on Tuesday, Allen was spotted with yet another new look. Keeping her hair in its stand-out shade complete with a full fringe, the singer was pictured leaving the BBC Radio 1 studios with much longer locks. One day, she had a chic bob. The next, her hair was halfway down her back.

Let's review the evidence to determine whether Allen's dramatic hair change is indeed real. First, the colour. Several recent appearances appear to show that Allen has dyed her hair rather then utilised a wig. During an appearance on Sunday Brunch, the singer's black roots can clearly be seen poking through. Plus a quick scroll through her Instagram proves that her pink shade has slowly faded over time only to be topped up by more hair dye.

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However, Allen's longer hair is 100 percent down to extensions. Earlier on Tuesday morning, she appeared on Lorraine with her usual bob clipped back with several bobby pins. A few hours later, the almost waist-length hair made its debut. All I want to know is who was responsible for this extension masterpiece because it looks so real. I guess you can afford the best when you're at the top.

Allen isn't the first celebrity to opt for the decidedly out there shade. Kim Kardashian debuted bright pink hair back in February while Salma Hayek stepped out in a pink Old Hollywood style in 2017. At this year's Met Gala, Hailey Baldwin arrived with a new bubblegum look while Bella Thorne's particular shade of pink is the brightest by far.

I have one question about a lot of these dye jobs. How does their hair look so good? I have naturally dark hair and let me tell you, attempting to dye it takes some serious work and is not a recommended DIY job, something Kim Kardashian can attest to.


Unfortunately, the only way to significantly change the colour of dark hair is to bleach it. As Stylecaster reports, bleaching brown or black hair requires several layers of pigment to be peeled off. Only by doing this will a bright colour such as pink even show up.

While you should really visit a professional to bleach your hair, be aware that it's unlikely to happen in just one appointment. Dark hair in particular will go through several stages of bleaching, transforming from black or brown to red, copper, golden, and finally yellow. When you've reached this stage, you can dye it any colour you want.

It's also worth pointing out that your hair will suffer some damage from the bleach. Some hairstylists will even refuse to bleach your hair if they feel it's not worth the pain of dry and brittle locks. So keep your hair in tip top condition if you ever fancy making a drastic change.

If you do decide to follow Allen and go pink, you'll need to buy special products to keep the colour from fading too quickly. Even something as simple as water can discolour your hair, leaving your new do looking more pastel pink than shocking pink. Investing in a hair primer that you apply before washing and a conditioning treatment will keep your hair looking as bright and healthy as it possibly can. If you're on a budget, you can try a natural conditioner in the form of argan oil or coconut oil a couple of times a week.

Alternatively, you can avoid taking the plunge and opt for Kylie Jenner-style wigs or airbrush sprays that can give you the colour you desire without any of the damage. L'Oreal's Colorista Sprays are an affordable option that promise to work on any hair colour. They come in a range of shades including pink, turquoise, lavender, and mint green. Pro tip: If you have really dark hair, you might want to spray for longer.

Why wasn't this advice around when I was younger?