These Reviews Of Manny MUA's Life's A Drag Eyeshadow Palette Will Make You Say YAAAS To The Set

Trends in makeup come and go. Unicorns and mermaids are out, but warm tones are still in. Another trend that just won't quit? Palettes. Whether shadows or highlights, all-in-one palettes are everywhere. Now, there's a new one on the market thanks to the Life's A Drag palette by Lunar Beauty.

Haven't heard of Lunar Beauty yet? You've probably heard of its founder if you're a beauty junkie who watches far too much YouTube. Lunar Beauty is the brain child of popular YouTube guru MannyMUA (who's real name is Manny Gutierrez), and Life's A Drag is his first product from the brand.

In case you missed the debut, Life's A Drag isn't your average palette. Not only does it feature great neutral shades that can be used for every day, but it's got some serious pops of color included as well. Plus, if you didn't catch the market campaign, you really missed out.

The Life's A Drag palette isn't just fronted by Gutierrez. He brought in fellow popular YouTuber Alissa Ashley and two famous, former RuPaul's Drag Race stars Shea Couleé and Farrah Moan. Yeah, Gutierrez went all out, and the palette definitely shows it.

Should you shop it? If you're on the fence about picking it, let these 8 reviews help you out.

Who should you check out?

1. Raw Beauty Kristi

Kristi praised Gutierrez's mix of neutral shades and vibrant pops of color. She also swatches the colors for fans to see what they look like, but like Gutierrez's own video, she gives the preface that some of them may not swatch well but do apply well with a brush. Kristi, however, did not use any of the neutral tones so if you're looking for those, there are other reviews out there for you.

2. Makeup Shayla

Shayla explains that her first impression of the palette wasn't great, but after reading about Gutierrez's concept for the palette, it made sense. One of the things, Shayla praises about the palette is the way the shades mix together instead of getting muddy. She also liked how the shades "warm up" on the skin after application.

3. Laura Lee

For those who know Gutierrez, you probably know that he's close friends with Laura Lee. If that makes you skeptical of her reviews, that's totally fair. If, however, you love her and are curious about her opinion, this challenge and review combo will let you know.

4. Nicol Concilio

If you're a newbie at using color on the eye, Concilio talks specifically about how the shades worked for her as someone who also doesn't work with color much. Her resulting look is total fire.

5. Alissa Ashley

Alissa Ashley is one of the models for Lunar Beauty, but she also reviews products for a living. Of course, she reviewed the palette. In a genius idea, she shows viewers how to use the palette to get both a colorful and a neutral look.

6. JKissa

Like Alissa Ashley, JKissa gives fans a look into how the palette works for both colorful and neutral eyes. She also explains how to customize shades using some of the neutral and praises the palette for being an all-in-one selection of shades.

7. MacDaddy

You may know Angel Merino as the creator of Artist Couture, but he's also a YouTuber. For his review, he crafts a gorgeous warm eye look and praises the pigmentation of the shimmers in the palette.

8. Maryam Maquillage

Maryam's favorite part of the palette? The colors. She praises the diverse, bright shades and loves the look she created.

If you're curious about whether or not to say "Yaaaasss" to Lunar Beauty, the answer certainly seems clear. People love MannyMUA's debut Life's A Drag palette, and it may just be time to get shopping.