Get OFRA x Kim Thai Wanderlush While You Can

Beauty blogger and brand collaborations seem to be one of the hottest things happening in beauty right now, and things don't seem to be slowing down for your favorites vloggers. The OFRA x Kim Thai Wanderlush cream is proof that the collaboration trend can now extend to skincare as well. Is the latest collab sold out, though? It appears that fans of both Thai's and OFRA Cosmetics can still snag the moisturizer, but if other vlogger and brand partnerships are any indication, you should probably move fast.

As of press time, the OFRA x Kim Thai Wanderlush cream is still in stock over on the OFRA Cosmetics website. With other beauty vloggers like NikkieTutorials shouting the cream's praises, I wouldn't be surprised at a sell-out in the near future. Plus, the product is incredibly well-priced. It rings in at $29.95 for 2.2 ounces of product.

The other reason you should snag the product before it's gone? It's limited edition. That means unless you snag it now — barring a gracious restock from OFRA — you may never be able to get your hands on the product. As both a moisturizer and primer designed to work on all skin types, it's not something to miss.

According to the OFRA website, the cream is actually much more than just a moisturizer, too. It works as a day and night cream, primer, or just as an every day moisturizer. The other great thing about the cream? It's great for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

The cream is "fragrance-free, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic" according to the site which makes it work for basically anyone. It's the fabled perfect moisturizer we've all been led to believe is real. Now, it actually may be.

Fans are already stoked about the launch.

Apparently, making the purchase is a breeze as well.

Plus, $2 of each purchase goes to charity.

If you were thinking about snagging the OFRA x Kim Thai Wanderlush, do so far. It's still in stock over at the OFRA website, but it may not be there much longer. Who could pass up such a holy grail moisturizer?

Images: OFRA Cosmetics/Instagram