Is The Lilly Pulitzer x Starbucks Collab Sold Out Online? Here's The Deal With The Trendy S'well Bottles


When fashion and function combine, magic happens. The Lilly Pulitzer x Starbucks collab is proof of that. People love the floral printed S'well bottles so much that the brands decided to sell them online as well as in-store. Are the Lilly Pulitzer x Starbucks bottles sold out online, you ask? I have some good and bad news about the collab.

To say that people are obsessed with the Lilly Pulitzer x Starbucks water bottles would be an understatement. When the S'well bottles originally launched in-stores, fans were going from location to location to try to get their hands on them. The floral printed bottles are sold at 4,000 Starbucks, but apparently that wasn't enough. To make it a little easier to shop, the brands decided to stock up online as well.

Little did they know that it wouldn't be easier at all. The Lilly Pulitzer x Starbucks bottles are sold out online. That's right! Every. Single. Bottle. That would be the bad news. The good news is that, while the brand could not confirm a restock, they didn't entirely rule it out, telling Bustle via email, "We cannot confirm a restock at this time, but we can let you know once we have more information." Plus you still have the chance to stock up at one of the 4,000 Starbucks nation-wide that the bottles are sold at.

I knew that Lilly Pulitzer fans would go crazy for the collab, but I had no idea that they would sell out so fast. The brand launch the bottles on the Starbuck website on Feb. 28, and they sold out within the hour. Clearly fans are on top of their game.

Each of the bottles are $39.95. So basically, it's like buying an accessory rather than a water bottle. Let's be honest though, this is without a doubt guaranteed to be the chicest bottle in your collection. There are four different prints available, and apparently all of them are equally as popular.

This is one collab that you won't want to hesitate to buy. If you see it out, snag it while you can. Because something tells me that they will be hard to snag whether or not they are restocked.