Jake Gyllenhaal & Tom Holland’s Valentine's Day Exchange On Instagram Is Seriously The Best

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This is officially the best bromance of 2019. Jake Gyllenhaal posted a Valentine's Day video of Tom Holland, and it will make you love the Spider-Man: Far From Home costars even more. They may be playing potential enemies in the upcoming Marvel film, but in real life, Holland and Gyllenhaal are absolutely on the same side. You might even call them the ultimate besties.

On Feb. 14, Gyllenhaal celebrated the romantic holiday by sharing an Instagram of Holland. The video hilariously features the actor who brings Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, to life chatting, while Gyllenhaal zooms in on him with the heart filter. At first, Holland is oblivious to the Oscar nominee, but eventually he turns his head and gives the biggest smile. The video will make you laugh and swoon all at once.

If that isn't great enough, Gyllenhaal captioned his post,

"Love is in the hair. #happyvalentinesday"

Agreed. First of all, Holland certainly has amazing hair. Secondly, there is most definitely love in Holland's hair, which obviously also provides so much joy for others. When an extremely talented and adorable actor like Holland also has a great head of hair, well, all of that just makes him an A-list star.

Holland didn't post a Valentine's Day video for Gyllenhaal (yet), but he did comment on his friend's Instagram. Brace yourself, because the British actor's response just might reduce you to dust — sorry, still too soon? Holland commented,

"Happy Valentine's Day boo [heart emoji]."

Who knew a Holland and Gyllenhaal friendship would feel so rewarding? They are truly the best.

Jake Gyllenhaal/Instagram (screenshot)

And fans feel the same way. Gyllenhaal and Holland's Valentine's Day exchange has people feelings all kinds of emotions. Here are just a few of the many tweets:

They're Worth Living For


"Boo" Never Sounded So Good

This is how they should refer to each other from here on out.

The Best Valentine's Day Gift Ever

Forget about flowers and chocolate.

A Bold, Yet Accurate Statement


Fans Are So Here For It

And they'll use all caps to express themselves, OK?

Ever since filming the second Spider-Man movie of the Marvel franchise, these two haven't been shy about sharing their bromance with the world. For example, last December, Holland posted the most hilarious Instagram Story with Gyllenhaal. While thanking fans from Comic-Con in Brazil, Holland "caught" Gyllenhaal practicing shooting webs from his hands, like Spider-Man, in the bathroom.

"Jake, what are you doing," Holland asked his costar in the story. Gyllenhaal replied, "Just drying my hands!"

What makes the above video even cuter, is how Holland can barely keep a straight face. It really is hilarious. Even though the two have only starred in one film together so far, Holland has hoped for years to work with the Southpaw actor.

Back in 2015, Holland gushed about Gyllenhaal in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. He named Gyllenhaal as his "industry role model," and said, "I just haven't seen a film that Jake has been bad in. He makes clever and creative choices. He's someone I want to work with in the future."

Well would you look at that? Now here they are as Marvel costars, who also walked away with a truly great friendship filled with so much love, great hair, and terms of endearment, like "boo." Best. Bromance. Ever.