'Jane The Virgin' Is Giving #TeamRafael Hope

Scott Everett White/The CW

Team Rafael had reason to celebrate during "Chapter 57" of Jane the Virgin. That's because not only did Rafael break up with his girlfriend Abbey, but also because Jane and Rafael reminisced about their love on Jane the Virgin. While their love story was a focus for Jane because of her (mostly) fictional novel about Michael, these old memories seem like they will lead to Jane and Rafael getting back together for real. I know that Michael's death is still pretty fresh for viewers, but in the world of Jane the Virgin, three years have passed and Jane and Rafael seem better suited for one another than ever before. After the Feb. 27 episode, there's no way that they won't get back together at some point, right?

Jane's bro editor (watch out for that gender bias, Jane!) told her she needed to add more obstacles for her characters in her novel, Snow Falling. He gave her the note that it wasn't clear that the character based on Jane (Josephine) had loved the character based on Rafael (Rake). Since her love for Rafael was so obvious in her own life, Jane had thought it had been obvious in the book. As she edited the novel to take her editor's suggestion, she remembered her romantic moments with Rafael. Specifically, their first kiss pre-artificial insemination (her first kiss ever) and their magical first kiss post-artificial insemination.

Danny Feld/The CW

Jane's writing of Josephine's feelings for Rake completely mirrored what the narrator said of Jane's feelings for Rafael way back when in "Chapter 6." The narrator said Jane knew that kissing Rafael right after she broke up with Michael was the last thing she should be doing and Jane wrote about Josephine:

"Josephine knew in her heart that this was the last thing she should be doing. The absolute last thing."

Although in Snow Falling Josephine ends up with Michael's character Martin, Jane's story in her real life hasn't come to an end yet. I mean, it sure seems that Jane the Virgin is setting Rafael and Jane up to be together again — especially since Rafael broke up with Abbey because he knew his feelings for her weren't as intense as the feelings he once had for Jane. And while Rafael can act like he wants to find that type of love again with "someone else," he's not fooling fans of Jane the Virgin. We know he should just find that love with Jane again.

If, as a fan, you're feeling guilty for already re'shipping Rafael and Jane since Michael's death wasn't that long ago, take some consolation in the words that Alba said — Jane's love for Rafael doesn't have to take away from her love for Michael. Plus, there's no way that Jane the Virgin is going to rush Rafael and Jane getting back together, so sit back since it's going to be a long, lovely ride.