Jared Leto Joining The 'Tron' Franchise Would Be A Perfect Fit

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What are the chances that the next great role has been happened upon for Jared Leto? Leto may appear in the next Tron installment, according to The Hollywood Reporter. If true, this would be an exciting turn for the actor and it would be an interesting way to re-invent the long-running Disney franchise. With reports that Disney is trying to find an inventive way to reboot Tron, my instinct says that however they choose to involve Leto, casting him will certainly help in reviving Tron back to full working order. Even though things are still, as THR reported, in the "exploratory stages" of development for either rebooting Tron or creating another installment in the continued established storyline, Leto would certainly be an interesting but perfect choice to star.

After the very mixed reviews of Leto's most recent film, Suicide Squad, it would be good to see him back in the saddle of a franchise that would let him stretch his acting legs in a good way. He's a dedicated method actor; Tron is so uniquely rooted in the fantasy/sci-fi/adventure arena that it would let Leto mix his talents for naturalism and the histrionic seamlessly. While his performance in the Suicide Squad was not received well by critics, and the reports that Leto stayed in character as the Joker on set even when the cameras stopped rolling only served as a way for his method acting to be lambasted, a starring role in Tron would let Leto do what he does best — but in a more, shall I say, approachable way.


The original 1982 Tron was a major piece of filmmaking, despite its quick relegation to cult status. Starring Bruce Boxleitner and Jeff Bridges, Tron was known for its incredible special effects which sought to re-create a computerized world on film. Bridges played computer hacker Kevin Flynn, who got sucked into a computer and had to compete in a series of gladiatorial-style games for his freedom. It may not sound like much, but it's remained a beloved classic in the decades since its release.

If Disney does choose to reboot Tron, then Leto should definitely jump at the chance. That said, it's not like Leto is hurting for work: He'll be seen in the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 and the Japanese-made film The Outsider. That said, the opportunity to star in Tron is too big to pass up. Here's to hoping he's seriously being courted for this exciting role.