Jax From ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Revealed Who He Thinks Should NOT Manage Tom Tom

Araya Diaz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just because Jax Taylor loves Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz enough to get their names tattooed to his body does not mean he won’t roast his dear pals on camera. In a recent interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Jax questioned Schwartz and Sandoval's ability to manage Tom Tom, because Jax is nothing if not always on brand. Granted, there’s a glint in his eye while he explains why his two best friends shouldn't manage their new bar, so it feels safe to assume he wasn’t being totally serious or nasty. The number one scamp of Vanderpump Rules seems to be razzing his longtime buddies like only a longtime buddy can.

Earlier this month, the Toms, Lisa Vanderpump, and Ken Todd opened a bar and restaurant in West Hollywood called Tom Tom, and they celebrated this Sexy Unique Achievement with their Vanderpump Rules co-stars at the bar's ribbon cutting ceremony on Sunday, Aug. 5. After the event, Jax shared a picture he took with his two dear friends in front of the Tom Tom motorcycle. The caption for his Instagram post reads,

“So proud of these two goons!! On to our next chapters fellas!! It’s truly unbelievable how far we all have come, just so happy I get to be able to share these moments with you guys, I love you both!! You deserve the best guys. Cheers to you @tomtom @twschwa @tomsandoval1 #pumprules”

Jax is proud of the Toms Sandoval and Schwartz, and apparently, he shows that by doubting their ability to manage the steampunk dreamland of a bar. While chatting with The Daily Dish recently in what appears to be the iconic alley behind SUR, Jax flat-out said he can't picture the Toms managing Tom Tom. He said,

“I obviously want the best for those guys, but I feel like they should hire a manager just to take the stress off. I don’t see them being really good managers. It’s not their style.”

Zoinks, Jax. If you keep that up, you might find yourself noshing on another one of Schwartz's speciality steaks.

Why all the Sexy Unique Doubt? The future Mr. Brittany Cartwright explained,

“Schwartz would be the absolute worst manager. He’s just too nice. He’s just going to let everyone do what they want, that’s what I think. Schwartz would hire anybody. I feel like he’d just be like, ‘Ah, I feel bad for you. OK, I’ll hire you.’”

Wow. A backhanded compliment for the books. As for the other Tom, Jax believes Sandoval “might take it a little more seriously.” He continued,

“He’d be like, ‘OK, how many drinks have you made this year? What types of drinks have you made? How many times have you muddled in the last month?’”

Welp, the visual of Sandoval sitting across from interviewees with a clipboard in hand and jotting down notes about muddling numbers really is something special. So uh, big thanks to Jax for that one.

Jax went on to tell The Daily Dish that he thought the Toms "were in charge of hiring" that very day. He went on,

"That’d actually be pretty funny. I actually would like to be a fly on that wall and watch that.”

Right there with you, Cauchi.