Attention, ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans: New Photos Of Tom Tom Are Here & They Are STUNNING

by Kristie Rohwedder
Courtesy of Tom Tom

The moment that’s been two years in the making is only a few quick days away. As Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval announced on Instagram earlier this week, Tom Tom will open to the public on Thursday, Aug. 9. And as you can see in the photos of Tom Tom below, this space has changed quite a bit since Season 6. Out with the exposed frames and plastic tarps, and in with the plush seating and dazzling light fixtures.

Lisa Vanderpump, Ken Todd, Tom Schwartz, Sandoval, and designer Nick Alain’s vision has become a reality — and a beautiful one at that. While Bustle was at the Tom Tom preview event on Monday, Aug. 6, we had an opportunity to speak with both Vanderpump and Alain about what went into creating the stunning new Weho eatery.

“It’s been a labor of love and a collaboration between all of us, and you know, I like to be very hands-on,” Vanderpump tells Bustle. “So when you work together, and there aren’t assistants, and there aren’t other designers, it’s just us working together, I think it’s really been a passion project, and I think that very much comes through.”

When designing Tom Tom, Alain says he, his wife and business partner, Elena Alain, Vanderpump, and Todd wanted to ensure every part of the bar packs a punch. He explains to Bustle,

“You stand outside and you’re kinda looking in, and you get this, like, ‘Oh, this is really cool.’ You come inside and you see the clock and you’re like, ‘Oh, this is even cooler.’ And then you come [to the back patio] and you’re like, ‘Wow.’ So there’s a lot of wow factors as you come in. And that was the intention, all the way. Keep them surprised.”

He was not kidding about wow-inducing this place is. Ready to take a tour? Put on your Tom Tom motorcycle helmet, because it's going to be a SUR-ious ride.

You Start At The Entrance

Courtesy of Tom Tom

Tom Tom really has arrived, fellow Pump fiends.

And Then You Enter The Main Room

Courtesy of Tom Tom

Alain's light fixtures, the perfectly mismatched chairs, the clock — everything is perfection.

You Take A Few Minutes To Admire The Clock Behind The Bar

Courtesy of Tom Tom

The clock, which actually runs backwards, a) is really cool looking and b) has a lovely backstory.

“I’ve always torn things apart, since I was a kid,” Alain tells Bustle. “My mom would hide the blender from me because I would tear it apart. And I’ve always been intrigued by the inside of things, the gears. It’s always been an inspiration for me. Whatever is pretty on the outside is probably ten times more beautiful on the inside, and that happens with people as well. A life is always like that. I love the inside of things.”

You Walk By A Row Of Plush Banquettes

Courtesy of Tom Tom

If you want to sit down for a second, go ahead. But don't get too comfortable. Not yet. There's still more Tom Tom to explore.

And Then You Pass A Fireplace

Courtesy of Tom Tom

No, those aren't chairs in the fireplace. That's a mirror.

And You Pass A Bar That Looks Like Something Out Of An H.G. Wells Story

Courtesy of Tom Tom

But like, an H.G. Wells story about a time traveler who bops around from one decade to the next in search of the best liquor.

And You Walk Down A Hall And Enter The Back Patio

Courtesy of Tom Tom

What's that? You're weak in the knees? You need to sit down?

And You Find A Spot Over By The Back Window Where You Can Admire The Outdoor Room

Courtesy of Tom Tom

Have a seat. Drink it all in.

Speaking Of Drinking...

Courtesy of Tom Tom

It's time for an original Tom Tom cocktail. Say the words "Kentucky Muffin" and a beverage made of Kentucky Bourbon, wildflower honey, fresh lemon, ginger beer, Champagne, and bee pollen will appear in front of you.

And that concludes our photo journey. Happy Tom Tom Week, everybody. May the Pump be with you.