JAY-Z Cried Tears Of Joy When His Mom Came Out & The Story Will Make You Just As Emotional

Joe Pugliese/Netflix

If JAY-Z's forthrightness in his 2017 hit 4:44 didn't shake you to the core before, his upcoming interview with David Letterman most certainly will. In one of the preview clips, JAY-Z said that he cried tears of joy when his mom came out. And all of his emotions will more than likely rub off on you, too.

The rapper and mogul getting up close and personal is nothing new to his fans, as JAY-Z has always inserted deep truths about his life into his music. Most recently, JAY-Z answered tough questions about his infidelity, in which his wife Beyoncé hinted at in her 2016 smash Lemonade. And in his Nov. 2017 interview with Dean Baquet from The New York Times, the artist gave fans a deeper insight into the many inspirations behind his Grammy-award nominated album 4:44 — his marriage trials with Beyoncé, depression and therapy, his public beef with fellow rapper and friend Kanye West, and his mother's coming out, included.

On Netflix's My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, JAY-Z will seemingly be chatting about some of the same topics as the in-depth NYT interview mentioned prior. But when it comes to having sit downs with legendary host Letterman, fans know that it's always possible for another take or perspective to find its way to the forefront. In a clip released April 3, JAY-Z opens up about his mother's coming out story and talks a bit about how the incident inspired him to write "Smile" off of 4:44 a day later, saying:

"And for my mother to have to live as someone that she wasn’t and hide and, like, protect her kids — and didn’t want to embarrass her kids, and you know, for all this time. For her to sit in front of me and tell me, 'I think I love someone,' I mean, I really cried."

"That’s a real story," he continued. "I cried because I was so happy for her, that she was free." And "Smile," featuring his mother, Gloria Carter, talks both of his mother's struggles with having to live in secret, and his joy felt after she felt comfortable enough to come out. In the song, Jay-Z rhymes, "Momma had four kids but she's a lesbian. Had to pretend so long that she's a thespian. Had to hide in the closet so she'd medicate. Society's shame and the pain was too much to take."

While talking to Letterman, JAY-Z also makes it clear that when dropping the line, "Cried tears of joy when you fell in love" in the track — talking of the moment his mother told him about her partner — he actually did cry real tears. "That’s a real story," he said in the interview. "I cried because I was so happy for her that she was free." And folks, it doesn't get anymore warm, or heartfelt than that.

Also while paying a visit to Letterman's new Netflix show, the rapper will seemingly be talking a bit about his heartbreaking — for fans, at least — feud with Kanye West. In another teaser published by Netflix's official Twitter account, Letterman asks whether or not the two are still friends, leading many to believe that the rapper will reveal where they stand today.

Letterman is known for giving some of the world's most infamous celebrities and political figures platforms to speak their truths, and so far, with his star-studded guest list making headlines — ranging from President Barack Obama to George Clooney — his newest Netflix show doesn't seem to be any less inspiring. And as for JAY-Z's candid interview, fans will get to learn even more about the talented artist during his My Next Guest Needs No Introduction debut, scheduled for an April 6 release on the streaming platform.