Jenna Dewan Got An Unexpected Psychic Reading That'll Legit Give You Chills

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Jenna Dewan was probably left doing a double take into a crystal ball after her latest psychic reading. According to BuzzFeed, Jenna Dewan got a psychic reading about soulmates in a segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden on July 30. Um, does "soulmates" call to mind a certain Channing Tatum, anyone?

Instead of the classic Carpool Karaoke, Dewan went through a round of Seatbelt Psychic, which is a play on the Lifetime series of the same name. During the segment, a psychic named Thomas John drove the actor around while giving her a reading. Things immediately got interesting during the reading, as he told her that there were a lot of dead people with them as they drove around. So, yeah, it definitely wasn't your normal car drive.

Things got truly wild when John relayed a message that Dewan's grandfather supposedly had for her. It read, in part, "Soulmates in life take on many different forms." The psychic then tried to explain the sentiment a bit with a message that might have you thinking back to Tatum, who the World of Dance star announced that she was separating from in April. John said, "I do feel there's been a whole inventory with your friendships, your relationships, like needing to look at certain things. You can go forward in confidence knowing that there's a lot of support for the decisions you're making."

It really does sound like one of the major decisions he's referencing would have to do with Tatum. After all, and as previously stated, the couple only recently announced that they were separating. So, it would (kind of) make sense if he's picking up on some major support for Dewan when it comes to this big decision.

Other than this note about "soulmates," John was pretty spot-on when it came to the rest of his reading, too. The psychic guessed her grandfather's initials were EL (his name was Elias), and even knew that her grandmother Betsy used cardinals to communicate with the family. His statements definitely seemed like they resonated with Dewan, who even noted how "crazy" the experience was to host James Corden.

Whether you believe in the Seatbelt Psychic's "powers" or not, it is definitely an interesting and incredibly fitting message that Dewan received, particularly in regard to the ever-evolving relationships in her life. To make this connection even more compelling, it's a sentiment that the actor herself shared in a recent interview.

Dewan spoke with Women's Health in late July where she opened up about her recent split from Tatum. At one point in the interview, her words even echoed her grandfather's supposed message in a very wild way. She said, in reference to the split, "It’s okay for a relationship to change into a new form that is actually better for both people involved, and I think that’s maybe what shocked everyone so much—that it can be a positive thing."

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While they may not be together anymore in the romantic sense, it does sound like Dewan and Tatum are dedicated to this new, positive form that their relationship has taken on. And based on her recent psychic reading, that's a message that everyone can get behind.