Why Jennifer Lopez Chose *Not* To Give Cardi B Any Advice About Being A Mom

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez is proving that the very best advice may just be no advice at all. As People noted, Lopez didn't give Cardi B any advice in regard to tackling parenthood, but she had the most amazing reason for not passing any words of wisdom to the new mom.

In a video interview with Music Choice shared on Aug. 1, Lopez revealed what she would say to Cardi B. She actually wouldn't tell her much, instead taking a relaxing approach. "That’s what [new moms] need — they need a little pampering," she said. The singer continued to reveal that there's one thing new moms like Cardi don't need: advice. She said, "Take care of them. No advice.”

Lopez speaks from experience here, as she's a mom to her 10-year-old twins Emme and Max. In the interview, she recalled, "When I was pregnant and everybody was like this and that, I was like, ‘Please just stop telling me all these things. Can I just figure it out? I kinda want to figure it out on my own," she said. So it seems like she's simply letting Cardi follow her own parenthood path, which is probably better than giving her any unsolicited advice (however well-intentioned it may be).

Lopez had a similar message for her "Dinero" collaborator in late July, as she revealed in an interview with iHeartLatino. She first revealed that there were many people wondering if she had any advice for the "I Like It" rapper, but she didn't. "They're like, 'Do you have any advice for Cardi?' No, I don't have [any]," J.Lo said, "When I was pregnant and I had my kids, and they were little, everybody has advice for you. And honestly, you're, like, 'Just leave me be and let me figure it out myself.' Which you will, and you do."

She also said that what really matters is that Cardi and her little one are healthy and doing well. Basically, it's up to Cardi to figure out the whole motherhood journey on her own terms, which is really the best note of support that Lopez could have shared. And based on the updates that the "Bodak Yellow" artist has shared so far, it does seem like she's enjoying her new parenting role.

Lopez's message for Cardi comes shortly after the singer gave birth to her first child, Kulture, with her husband Offset on July 10. In an Instagram post, featuring her baby bump on full display, she announced the birth of her child and revealed her baby's name (which, in full, is Kulture Kiari Cephus). Ever since, the always-entertaining rapper has shared a few updates about her motherhood journey with fans. The biggest update came on July 27 when she announced on Instagram that she would not be going on tour with Bruno Mars, because she wished to focus on taking care of her daughter. She explained that the decision was what's "best for myself and my baby."

So like Lopez said, Cardi really doesn't need any advice when it comes to parenthood, as she's already proven that she's a total expert in figuring out what's best for her and her family.