John Legend Is Super Psyched For Beyoncé & Jay Z

Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There are few things in this world capable of rivaling the adorableness of celeb kids, but seeing doting celeb parents congratulating each other on their new additions is one of them. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, John Legend congratulated expectant parents Beyoncé and Jay Z. The supercouple announced on Feb. 1 they are expecting twins, who will join their amazing big sister Blue Ivy. The world flipped out over the amazing news, as you would expect, and, no, celebrities were not immune.

Legend, who is the proud dad of his daughter Luna with Chrissy Teigen, knows a thing or two about how much joy kids can bring into your life. It's no wonder he had nothing but kind words for Queen Bey and her family. He knows first hand the wonders of parenthood. The singer told ET:

"I'm happy for them. It's a beautiful thing. They already know that though. They already have a wonderful daughter, they know what it feels like, and I'm excited for them."

While ET notes Legend has not had a chance to personally touch base with the couple yet — he has been a bit busy prepping for the launch of his Super Bowl LIFEWTR commercial — but he is sending nothing but good vibes their way. He is also giving the world hope for a baby Luna play date with the twins and Blue Ivy. It sounds like as far as Legend is concerned, they could make beautiful music together.

When ET asked Legend about the possibility of getting all the kids together one day, he said, "Who knows? I have no idea. Hopefully some good music will come out of it." Um, is anyone else imagining the couples' kids forming the most talented band ever now? I expect an album drop by 2032 at the latest.

In the meantime, fans of both couples will have to be content with watching the twins, Blue Ivy, and the world's youngest social media star, Luna, grow up. Those kids are all lucky, not because they have famous parents, but because they have parents who can't resist gushing over them. Happily, the rest of the world is busy squeeing right along with them.

While Beyoncé is keeping her due date private, it is clear from her stunning pregnancy photo shoot how excited she is her family is growing. Seeing the outpouring of love and support from not only her fans, but from famous pals like Legend too only adds to the joy. Even if that famous play date never happens, it is so heartwarming to know two of the music industry's most famous couples have each other's backs when it comes to parenthood.