7 Positions For When It's Hot AF

According to NASA, 2016 has been the hottest year on record — and we still have a few more months to go. No matter where you live in the world, you’ve definitely felt the scorching heat that has plagued the Earth this past year, and this summer has been, well, literally a nightmare with heatwaves after heatwaves. But just because parts of your body, even places you didn’t know were capable of sweating, are a slippery, sweltering mess, doesn’t mean that you should have to put your sex life on hold. While hot summer sex can be really awesome and, well, hot AF — and I mean hot AF in that sexy, please-don’t-stop-ever kind of way, when you spend your days out of the bedroom sweating, you might feel like you need a break for it all.

Granted, sweating is a great for you, as it releases toxins from your system, and it’s amazing for your complexion, but no one, and I mean no one, wants to sweat all the time. Or maybe some do; I’ve just yet to meet these people.

But if you’re someone who’s looking for sex positions that are perfect for this obscenely hot whether, then let me help. Here are seven sex positions for when it’s hot AF outside. Remember, these positions work with two women as well.

1. Doggy Style

How to do it: Simply, get on your hands and knees, so your partner can penetrate you from behind while kneeling.

Why it’s good when it’s hot AF outside: Doggy style doesn’t really require a lot of skin-to-skin contact. In fact, it’s one of the best positions to have sex with your clothes on, further keeping skin contact to a minimum… which also means less chances for extra sweat.

2. X Marks The Spot

How to do it: Lay yourself flat on your back (preferably on a bed or table), with your legs in the air and crossed at the ankles or knees. From here, your partner will penetrate you from a standing position while using your legs as a means to pull themselves deeper into you.

Why it’s good when it’s hot AF outside: While some positions require quite a bit of exertion and lifting, X Marks the Spot does not. You have to figure you’ve been exerting energy all day just by being alive in a heatwave, so when it comes to getting down and dirty with your partner, you might want to take it easy.

3. Spooning

How to do it: With your partner behind you, lie side by side in the spooning position. The entry from the rear feels fantastically magical against your G-spot.

Why it’s good when it’s hot AF outside: I like to think of the spooning position as the lazy person’s sex position — hence the reason why it’s my favorite. It doesn’t involve much moving and you’re both lying down so it’s not like one person is doing all the work while the other one gets to play submissive. While there’s definitely skin to skin contact during this one which, as we already covered, just adds to the temperature factor, if you do it in front of a fan on high or the air conditioner, then you’re set.

4. Woman On Top

How to do it: Have your partner lie down, then straddle them and lower yourself onto them.

Why it’s good when it’s hot AF outside: First of all, woman on top is pretty much the sex position that women love. So there’s that. Secondly, it’s great for hot weather, because you get on, you get off — as in climax, then actually get off. The clitoral stimulation that comes with being on top is very often a direct path to an orgasm for women and the fact that you’re essentially in charge in this position, you get to gauge how long you want things to last.

5. The Sofa Brace

How to do it: Basically, the sofa brace is the doggy style position, but with you bent over a sofa.

Why it’s good when it’s hot AF: Well, it’s good for the same reason that doggy style is good during this sweltering heat. But, there’s an extra reason why it’s good, too: More comfortable for you. In doggy style, you need to prop yourself up on your hands and knees, but during the sofa embrace, you get to dangle your body over the side or back of the sofa, subtracting that need for extra effort and energy from the equation.

6. The Splitter

How to do it: For this one, lie down on your back while your partner straddles one of your legs. From here, they can penetrate you, while you put one leg on their shoulder. You know, to rest it, as opposed to flailing it around in the air.

Why it’s good when it’s hot AF: This position allows for ample deepness (making it great for partners with smaller penises), and because your partner is in control, they’re more likely to climax faster which, to be honest, might be what you want when it’s so effing hot.

7. Sideways Straddle

How to do it: Have your partner lie on their back, with one leg extended and the other straight. Next, straddle their bent knee while lowering yourself onto them, while you’re on your knees and facing away from them. (It sounds much more complicated than it is.)

Why it’s good for when it’s hot AF: The sideways straddle has all the factors one wants in summer sex: minimal skin contact, you being in control to get maximum clitoral stimulation out of it, and rear entry into the vagina which will help your partner orgasm faster than, say, missionary. It’s the ideal “get in, get out” sex position that leaves you both satisfied AF when it’s hot AF.

Images: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle