This Spice Girls Fact During *NSYNC's "Never Have I Ever" Game Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Never have you ever seen *NSYNC play the game "Never Have I Ever." Well, until now, that is. On Tuesday, Justin Timberlake and his former boy bandmates — Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick — made a surprise appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where they talked about *NSYNC receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Oh, and spilled the tea on some of their '90s hijinks, which included Timberlake possibly hooking up with a Spice Girl.

Ellen DeGeneres put some pretty high stakes on this game, letting them know before it even began, "Answer [the questions] honestly, or there will be consequences." Clearly, that was enough to get the guys talking about whether they've ever hooked up with someone twice their age (Fatone and Kirkpatrick had), or if they ever hooked up with a Spice Girl. To that question, Timberlake stroked his chin and took a long time to answer, only to have DeGeneres hold up the "I Have" sign for him. It seems DeGeneres might have known something about her good friend JT before asking that specific question. And no, neither of them revealed which Spice Girl it was.

While all five guys admitted to hooking up with someone on a tour bus, no one would admit to ever hooking up to an *NSYNC song. That one got a big laugh out of the guys with Bass giving a resounding "no." But Bass was proud to admit he had joined the mile high club, as did Chasez, Kirkpatrick, and Timberlake.

Something else the guys admitted while visiting with Ellen is that their boy band attire was nothing to be proud of. Like most people looking back at childhood photos, the guys were definitely embarrassed by some of the looks they wore back in the day. "You had a jumpsuit on. It was a one-piece wasn't it?" Fatone asked Timberlake, who admitted yes, it was a shimmery blue one-piece. "It was a onesie." It seems like Timberlake could have been rocking a "RompHim," aka romper for men if *NSYNC started today.

"This makes me highly uncomfortable," Timberlake said as photos of them in their glory days popped on screen. DeGeneres couldn't stop looking, though, and made an interesting observation about *NSYNC's clothes during those days. "Y'all look like you're always in winter skiing somewhere," she said.

DeGeneres even brought out her *NSYNC bobbleheads, joking that she looked a lot like Bass' bobble. Though, he had a bone to pick with his. "By the way, I've never had a soul patch in my life," he said, "and I have no idea why they immortalized that." Nobody does, Lance, nobody does.

The guys originally got together to celebrate getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but they told DeGeneres that they do stay in touch. "We actually have a very ridiculous kind of group chat," Chasez said, making fangirls jealous. And no, they will not show you their group chat no matter how many times you ask. They're truly tearing up so many hearts by saying that.

Another question they've been asked a lot over the years is whether *NSYNC will reunite. They have gotten back together for Kirkpatrick's wedding, that epic photo from Chasez's birthday, and, of course, performing together at the VMAs in 2013, which Chasez admitted was the "Justin show" since he was getting the Video Vanguard Award that night.

But, now the guys are teasing that a real *NSYNC reunion could happen. During his Walk of Fame speech, Timberlake ended on a hopeful note, saying, "I can't wait to see what the future holds." If you thought you'd never see the day where *NSYNC was talking about reuniting, then this week has been pretty special. Just don't expect them to revisit any of their old wardrobes.