Kate Middleton May Be Bringing Back The Headband

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2018 may have been Meghan Markle's big debut year when it comes to her trend setting, royal fashion ways. However, you shouldn't forget that her sister-in-law also has a few fashion tricks up her sleeve, and it seems as though Kate Middleton's headbands may result in a resurgence of this once bygone trend.

In case you've been busy pining over Markle's coats, Givenchy couture, or her hair, you may have missed that Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has had some major moments in 2018, too. From her gorgeous, holiday-ready tartan skirt to her rewear of a Jenny Packham dress from 2012, Middleton knows how to make a fashion statement, and it seems that she may be making the statement that headbands are back in.

According to Glamour, Middleton wore a brand new headband to church at Sandringham on Sunday marking her first appearance of 2019. Apparently, she wants the world to know that she's definitely into headbands now. The blue headband with a bow detail near the back matched her Catherine Walker coat perfectly. Seeing Middleton in the look may seem familiar, and that's because she wore another headband just a few weeks ago during the royal family's Christmas Mass.

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According to website What Kate Wore, the headband is from Jane Taylor London, the same designer that Middleton wore to Christmas Mass. The Duchess is wearing the Diamond Crepe Pleated Band which retails for a cool $754. Yes, really. However, it is a bit more affordable than the headband she wore at Christmas which costs more than $1000.

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If you want to copy Middleton's headband looks, though, don't worry. It seems that the world has caught on to the Duchess's most recent hair accessory choices, and you can snag some far more affordable ones.

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One options is to incorporate two of Middleton's latest trends. The first is obviously the headband itself, but she's also been wearing bows on her ponytails. Why not include both?

Then, there's the extravagant floral headband that she rocked to a wedding, and the floral detail one she wore to Prince Louis' christening. Floral headbands are the new flower crowns.

If you're looking for a dupe for her Christmas headband, you won't find one exactly like it, given the gorgeous snake details and unique design, but there are wide bands with knotted details in similar colors.

While you may not be wearing a tiara like Middleton, you can give yourself a little bit of extra oomph by wearing a headband with a little bit of bling.

Want to feel truly royal? Why not add a bit of gold brocade to your headband.

If you love Kate Middleton's style and can't get enough tips from the Duchess of Cambridge, you may want to head out and start looking to grow your headband collection. The Duchess certainly seems like she intends to bring them back. Knowing Middleton, like some of her favorite dresses, you'll probably see her rewearing some of her favorites so prepare for potential headband inspiration all of 2019.